Purchase those scraps of fabric at the store & reproduce this dingy chic concept

More storage is always a good thing. A room can look messy simply because it lacks options for storing and organizing the things in it. If you're one of the more than 39 million people renting apartments in the U.S., you're working with an average of 1,138 square feet, so your floor space is likely in short supply. These fabric basket-style hanging organizers are exactly what you need.
With some scrap fabric from a previous project or from old clothes in the back of your closet, you can make as many baskets as you need. And with an easy-to-install curtain rod, you can hang them wherever you need them. Using felt between your fabric layers gives the baskets shape, and patterns and colors in a similar palette lend a cohesive look. for an eclectic, bohemian look, opt for a patchwork style, and use different fabrics for the pieces. Soon, your apartment or home will be neat and organized, and you’ll get to clear out some old materials lying around.
- Fabric scraps (at least 3 fat quarters)
- Fleece, for lining
- Cutting mat
- Rotary cutter
- Ruler
- Fabric scissors
- Fabric marker
- Iron and ironing board
- Sewing machine 
- Straight pins
DIY Everywhere
1. Fold one of the scrap pieces in half on your cutting mat, then again into a quarter. 
2. With the rotary cutter, trim the edges off your fabric, so you have a clean edge. Make sure you don’t cut the folded edge. 
3. Place the second square of scrap fabric face down on the fleece, lining up the top right corners. On top of that, lay the first piece of fabric with the trimmed edges. Cut around the top piece of fabric (with the already-trimmed edges) to easily cut the second scrap fabric and fleece to the right size. 
4. Fold the second piece of scrap fabric in half with pattern sides facing each other. Using a ruler and fabric marking tool, measure and draw a line 1½ inches in and 1 inch up from the fold. This should create a square in the bottom right corner of the folded piece. Cut along the marked lines. 
5. Repeat step 4 on the bottom left corner of the folded piece, again marking 1 ½ inches in and 1 inch up from the fold. 
6. Fold the square of felt in half. On top of the folded felt piece, fold the first scrap piece of fabric in half. Position the second piece of scrap fabric (which you just cut) on top of those two. You should have the three folded pieces stacked on top of each other. 
7. Use the top piece as a guide to cut the corners of the felt and first piece of scrap fabric. After this, all three pieces should have identical cuts in the bottom corners along the fold. 
8. With a third fabric scrap piece, cut a strip off the edge a couple of inches thick. Iron the strip flat to remove any creases. Fold it in half lengthwise, and iron it to hold the fold. This should give you one long strip with the wrong side folded in.
9. Fold each edge into the fold, creating a thinner strip. Iron as you did before to hold the fold. 
10. Sew the two sides of the long strip together. By folding and ironing as you did, you should have a nicely finished edge. 
11. Fold the long strip in half and cut, creating two equal lengths. Stack the felt and the first scrap of fabric with the felt on the bottom, and line up the cuts on each side. 
12. At the top of the stack, fold one of the thin strips in half and place it 2 inches in from the side of the fabric. Pin it so the fold of the strip points toward the middle of the fabric squares. Repeat this with your other thin strip, keeping them the same distance in from the sides. 
13. Fold the fabric squares in half together, so the felt piece is on the outside. Pin the sides of the fabric together. Sew along the pinned sides. 
14. Pull and flatten the square cuts on the corners of the folded edge, so you have a more recognizable corner with a straight edge instead of a point. Pin the corners in this position. Sew the corners down.
15. Turn the sewn piece right-side out so the felt is the innermost piece. Arrange the thin strips you previously pinned on the top edge of the piece. 
16. Fold the second square of fabric, and pin the sides as you did with your other two pieces of fabric. Sew the sides together. Pin the corners as you did with the other pieces, and sew those as well. Flip this second piece right-side out. 
17. Turn your first sewn piece inside out again, so the felt is on the outside. Place the second sewn piece inside the first, lining up the corners. Pin the two pieces together at the seams and around the top edge. Sew along the pinned edge, leaving 2 inches unsewn.
18. After you've sewn the two pieces together, carefully pull the innermost piece through the opening you left on the top edge. Follow that with the second piece, leaving the felt on the inside between the two pieces of fabric as insulation. 
19. Iron along the top edge where the two scraps of fabric meet. This will keep the three pieces in place and create a polished look. Sew along this top edge for a clean finish. Secure the two thin strips, and close the opening you left previously. 
20. Thread a hanging rod through the two tabs.