Create a gorgeous knotted rope rug from this DIY project

Rugs are an effective way to welcome guests into your home, decorate a space, or have a cozy spot to rest your feet after a long day. This project can check off all three of those boxes, depending on how you decide to use the new rug. You can even create multiple rugs to put in places throughout your home.
All you'll need is a favorite color of rope and a few other supplies. This project requires a little bit of patience, but the end result will be a gorgeous addition to your space, wherever you decide to place it. This rug will turn heads, and your guests will want to know where you bought this stunning piece of home decor.
- Large piece of cardboard
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Hammer
- 8 nails
- Rope
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- Fabric stiffener
- Medium or large paintbrush
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1. Place the piece of cardboard on a flat work surface. Draw a line down the middle and one across the center, so the lines intersect.
2. Along the center line, measure 1/2 inch from both edges, and mark with the pencil.
3. Repeat step 2 along the vertical line, measuring in from the top and the bottom.
4. Measure 7 inches in from the top edge and mark it, and repeat from the center line (along the top edge) and mark it.
5. Repeat step 4 along the bottom of the cardboard.
6. Gently hammer a nail into each of the markings; you should have eight total. (One at each side, three along the top, and three along the bottom).
7. Weave the end of the rope through the nails starting at the left edge center and continuing to the bottom right, top right, bottom center, top left, left edge center, bottom left and top center.
8. Repeat the pattern, putting the rope through the loops, and make sure the rows of rope are pulled taut and straight.
9. When you finish, cut the rope and use the hot glue gun to attach the end of the rope to the closest loop in the rug.
10. Flip the cardboard piece upside down, releasing the rug.
11. With the paintbrush, apply fabric stiffener evenly over the entire rug, and allow it to dry.
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