Transform an old bench into a gorgeous woven furniture piece

The way you decorate your home says a lot about your personal style. Some people prefer minimalist and modern, while others love a more cozy country chic aesthetic — and those are just two options out of many. Regardless of your personal style, adding elements of design to your interior will make your space feel warm and inviting whenever you have guests over.
If you have an old bench that's lacking in style, this quick DIY project will transform not only the bench but the entire space. You'll be able to create something beautiful and updated that's also functional. You only need a few supplies to transform your old bench into a gorgeous decorative furniture piece that will grab everyone's attention the minute they enter your home.
- Wooden bench
- Pencil
- 3/4-inch drill bit
- Electric drill
- Hand sander
- Rope (two different colors — optional)
- Masking tape
- Small hand weaving loom
- Staple gun
- Scissors
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1. If your bench has a cushion on top, remove it, and flip the bench onto its side.
2. With your pencil, make a mark on the top railing of the bench about an inch in from the top of the leg, and about 1/2 inch in from the edge. Do this only in one spot for now.
3. With the 3/4-inch drill bit and your electric drill, create a hole where you made the mark. Sand down the area when finished.
4. Take the end of your rope, and cover it with masking tape. Loop through the hole you just created, and tie a knot at the end so it doesn't slip back through the hole.
5. Flip the bench back upright, and begin weaving or looping your rope around the top seat part. Every few strands, stop and push them closer to the end, so that each strand is placed tightly in space next to each another. Do this until the entire top of the bench is covered with rope.
6. When you get to the end of the bench, repeat step 3 for the opposite end.
7. Cut the end of the rope, and loop it through this new hole, tying a knot on the underside of the bench where it's not visible.
8. Take your second color of rope, and loop it through the small hand weaving loom. You'll use this to create patterns throughout the top of the bench. In the video, the second rope was also looped around the edges of the bench.
9. Secure the ends of the second rope to the underside of the bench with a staple gun. Cut any loose ends of rope, so they don't hang down and become visible.
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