Whip out some coffee filters & copy these DIY ideas

Decided to cut back on caffeine and turn over a new leaf as a former coffee junkie? Perhaps you swore off the Keurig and went back to a basic Mr. Coffee? Either way, if you have an excess of clean coffee filters, plenty of interesting crafts exist to make with them. From a tablecloth to art, create inexpensive projects to liven up the home.
Coffee filters are inexpensive crafting items. Choose white filters for any of the projects requiring painting, as beige filters can affect the final color tones. If you can, pick up a pack of natural-colored filters for projects that use the tan tone to create contrast.
Wall hanging
Re-create the look of a watercolor painting with this easy project that features delicate fans dangling from a rod like an abbreviated bead curtain. Use any color desired, from blue to yellow, pink or red. You also might alternate rows or columns with different colors, such as red and blue or purple and yellow. Get the tutorial here.
The porousness of a coffee filter allows a hint of fragrance out to freshen up whatever area you want. Stick one in a stinky shoe, smelly gym bag or T-shirt drawer to reduce those strong scents. The tutorial uses lavender, but you may use whatever potpourri scent you like. Get the tutorial here.
"Elegant" is not the first word that comes to mind when thinking about coffee filters, but this tablecloth just might change that perception. Beige filters attach to a table covering to create an almost lacy look. You also may use white filters, but any stains on those will be glaringly obvious. Get the tutorial here.
Canvas art
Whether you want just a small piece of art to decorate an end table or a larger piece to hang on a wall, this project fits either alternative. Wet marker bleeds through filters to stain the canvas beneath. Choose any color combination that pleases you, such as red and purple, green and orange, or two different shades of green. Get the tutorial here.
Butterfly mobile
Do you remember making paper fans when you were a child? If so, then you already know how to do the most time-consuming part of this project. Bring a taste of spring indoors with a butterfly mobile that transforms beige coffee filters into butterflies. For something more colorful, choose white coffee filters you decorate with marker. Get the tutorial here.
Monogram letter
If you love the look of piñatas, you will adore this personalized craft that showcases a single letter. Alternate beige and white filters so the letter stands out, and place the finished project in a bedroom or on a shelf in the living room. This craft could be a whimsical gift for a college kids living in a dorm or a friend's first apartment. Get the tutorial here.
Party garland
Create a festive party garland out of white coffee filters, adding pom poms to make each triangle look like a party hat. Choose any color markers that fit the occasion or decor, such as light yellow, pink, blue or green for a baby shower or bolder colors that work for a sports-watching gathering. Decorating for a bridal shower? Use the bridal party colors for a personal touch. Get the tutorial here.

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