Skip the store. Brighten up a room with this wall hanging made from coffee filters instead

Sprucing up your home often begins with adding a splash of color. Wall art is a simple, creative way to give a space a more welcoming ambiance and incorporate a new hue into the overall aesthetic. Unfortunately, the perfect piece of wall art doesn’t always come with a price tag that fits your budget.
Instead of breaking the bank, this DIY uses coffee filters to create a colorful, eye-catching piece of wall art that’s entirely unique. As coffee filters are colored with a marker and soaked with a spray bottle, the color bleeds through, creating an ombre appearance that looks fantastic against a white wall. When these filters are attached to twine and hung from a rod, you can position them on any wall with ease. Brighten up your décor, and keep money in your wallet at the same time with this quick project.
-Cellophane wrap
-Paper towels
-35 coffee filters
-Washable marker
-Spray bottle
-Long dowel rod
-Hot-glue gun
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1. Spread and smooth a piece of cellophane wrap to protect your work surface.
2. Center a square of paper towel on the cellophane wrap.
3. Smooth a stack of five coffee filters flat on the center of the paper towel.
4. Color the top coffee filter with a washable marker completely, all the way up to the edges.
5. Saturate the stack of coffee filters with water using a spray bottle.
6. Dry the top coffee filter with a hairdryer.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6.
8. Peel the top coffee filter away, and continue drying the remaining four filters individually with the dryer. The top filter should be slightly darker, and the following filters in the stack progressively lighter.
9. Remove the cellophane wrap and paper towel from your work surface.
10. Fold one of the coffee filters in half twice over to create a small seashell shape with a narrow point at the top and the ruffled edges at the bottom. Repeat this step with the remaining four coffee filters.
11. Repeat steps 3-10 with 30 additional coffee filters until you have seven stacks of five folded, colorful coffee filters in different shades.
12. Position a long dowel rod horizontally on your work surface.
13. Unravel a length of twine, and tie one end to the left side of the dowel. Trim the twine away at the length where you would like the wall hanging to end, and trim away excess twine at the top knot.
14. Unfold a single colored coffee filter, and position it near the top of the twine, so the string rests between the two folds. The narrow end of the filter will be closest to the dowel, and the ruffled edges will be facing down.
15. Apply a line of hot glue down the interior of the coffee filter side that’s flat on the work surface. Press the twine firmly to attach.
16. Outline the edges of the bottom half of the filter in hot glue. Refold the top half of the filter over until the two sides are pressed together and the filter is secure on the twine.
17. Continue gluing and attaching coffee filters to the twine until a total of seven are secured to the line. Each line should descend in brightness from light to dark, creating an ombre effect.
18. Repeat steps 12-16 to create a wall hanging with five separate twine lines filled with colorful coffee filters. Position the twine lines evenly across the dowel.
19. Unravel a length of twine from the spool, and knot it at the left end of the dowel. Trim excess material at the knot.
20. Continue unraveling the twine until it's a little longer than the dowel.
21,. Cut the twine from the spool, and knot it at the right end of the dowel to create an attachment point for hanging your lovely new creation on your wall.