Lace and fabric come together for the best homemade DIY

Lace detailing adds a demure touch to this elegant yet cozy cowl scarf. You can make one as a well-deserved gift for yourself or fashion one for a friend just by gathering some easy-to-get supplies and following a few simple steps.
After you choose a base fabric for the scarf and a pretty patterned lace to layer on top of it, you attach the lace to the scarf and transform the united rectangular strips into a cute cowl accessory. It slips easily over your head and adds panache to virtually any ensemble, from casual to classy. The scarf, with its light touch of lace, pairs well with a classic pea coat, textural sweater or even a simply cut dress. Its look is unquestionably top-notch, but the piece is also practical, as it can keep a draft at bay beautifully.
- Base fabric for scarf — ours was flannel
- Invisible ink marker
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Lace
- Straight pins
- Sewing machine
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1. Fold the base fabric in half lengthwise and then widthwise, to form a multilayered square.
2. Cut the base fabric to the desired size. Ours was 44-by-36 inches.
3. Cut a piece of lace that’s the same width as the base fabric.
4. Place a long side of the ruler about ½ inch from the right vertical edge of the fabric, and make a mark along the fabric, using the ruler edge as your guide, with the disappearing ink marker.
5. Trim that edge along the line with the scissors.
6. Unfold the fabric halfway horizontally.
7. Place the lace on top of the fabric, so it fully covers it.
8. The lace will extend beyond the right and left vertical edges of the fabric.
9. Trim the excess lace on the sides with the scissors, and set those remnants aside.
10. Pin the upper lace and fabric edges together.
11. Sew the pinned lace to the fabric, removing the pins as you go.
12. Top-stitch the seam allowance away from the lace.
13. Repeat steps 11-12, but flip the piece over, and sew and top-stitch the other side.
14. Lay the openings of the fabric on top of each other, and pin them together, making sure to leave a sizable hole in the seam, so you can sew easily.
15. Sew the layers and remove the pins, but stop before the hole becomes too small.
16. Pin the layers of the hole together, and top-stitch them.
17. Your lace-adorned scarf is ready to be worn with pride!

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