Draw over a coffee filter with marker & upgrade your home aesthetic

When it’s time to brighten up a room with a pop of color, adding some abstract wall art can be just the right solution. Fortunately, there’s no need to head out to a gallery to search for just the right piece. This DIY project combines the simplest of craft and household items to create a work of canvas art that’s personalized and appealing.
Coloring a collection of coffee filters with washable markers before saturating them on top of a blank canvas allows the colors to easily bleed through in eye-catching patterns. Once the coffee filters are gone and the canvas has dried, this work of art can add a splash of intrigue to any room in the home. It’s an easy accessory to move on the wall or to simply prop up on an end table for a better view.
- Paper towels
- 4 bleached coffee filters
- Washable markers in shades of green and blue
- Framed canvas, 12-by-12 inches
- Spray bottle
- Hair dryer
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a paper towel on the work surface.
2. Smooth a bleached coffee filter flat in the center of the paper towel.
3. Color in the coffee filter completely using washable markers in varying shades of green and blue. The marker should go right to the edges of the filter.
4. Color in three additional coffee filters.
5. Place three more paper towels on the work surface to create a protective mat.
6. Position a 12-by-12 framed canvas in the center of the paper towels.
7. Place the four colored coffee filters on top of the canvas, with one resting in each of the four quadrants. The edges of the coffee filters should overlap in the center of the canvas.
8. Saturate the coffee filters with water using a spray bottle until all of the colors have bled through to the canvas.
9. Remove the coffee filters and dry the entire canvas with a hair dryer. The hair dryer speeds up the drying process and moves the marker ink around in unique patterns, but you can allow the canvas to air dry instead.