Cut up some flannel & copy these lovely ideas

If you have a closet full of flannel shirts that you don't wear anymore, don't fret. You can still get plenty of use out of these old shirts without feeling like you wasted money on past shopping sprees.
These DIY ideas provide nearly endless options for transforming flannel shirts into items that you'll wear, use and love for years. Some of these options even make wonderful birthday and holiday gifts.
Keep your neck warm and your style chic when you create this trendy scarf from an old flannel shirt. This neck wrap project requires only basic sewing knowledge. Get the tutorial here.
Redecorating? You'll love this DIY pillowcase that will make your space cozy in no time. Country chic is all the rage right now, and this pillowcase will fit right in. The style goes well with both farmhouse and modern decorating styles. Get the tutorial here.
Flannel trees
The project below by Down Red Bud Drive is perfect to get your home in the holiday spirit. Flannel gives the trees a softer, cozier look. You can put these trees up as early as the fall. Switch to brighter patterns if you want to keep using these in the spring or summer.
Dog collar
Your best friend needs a new collar every now and then to make over the pup's personal style. You can transform an old flannel shirt into a stylish collar, bow or bow tie perfect for the fur baby in your life. Get the tutorial here.
Coffee cozy
Coffee lovers, rejoice: Here's a project to help you start out your morning on the right foot. Not only does this coffee cozy provide a functional tool to protect your hand against heat when you grab your mug, but it's also really cute. It's a useful and one-of-a-kind gift for the coffee shop regular in your life. Get the tutorial here.
Crop & fray
Turn an old worn flannel shirt into a new style by cropping it, as shown in the project below by Treasures & Travels. The look below features a distressed look with the front side shorter than the back. Needless to say, this is effortlessly casual and cool-looking.
The project below by Sadie Seasongoods make for the perfect fall and winter gift. Better yet, stuff your stockings with them! How cute do they look? Now your hands will never be cold again!
Headband - 3 different ways
Hair in your eyes? Not for long. Create a headband you'll love from an old flannel shirt. It's a fun gift or addition to your everyday style or workout outfit. Get the tutorial here.
Easy no-sew flannel throw
Looking for a quick and easy project? Try the following DIY out by It's Always Autumn. Give flannel a chic new upgrade by adding a fringe! Don't you just want to cozy up on the couch with this throw and a good book?
Laptop case
Tired of your laptop getting scratched when you're on the go? That will become a problem of the past when you dive into this clever DIY project. The laptop case will protect your laptop from hazards and damage, and it'll look super cool, too. Get the tutorial here.
DIY infinity scarf
The following project by Suburban Wife City Life is perfect for the novice sewer or a very easy project for someone more advanced.
Not entirely ready to stop wearing your flannel shirt? If that's the case, then this project might be the one for you. Transform that old shirt into a skirt to reinvent it without spending a dime. Get the tutorial here.
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