Grab some coffee filters & make this DIY that will brighten up your home

Planning a party for friends or family generally comes with a long list of to-dos. Once the food and drinks are in order, making sure that the decorations enhance the place is just as important. Even though colorful balloons and banners create a vibrant look, purchasing them at a traditional party store can be pricey. Keep money in the wallet and instead, try making this DIY garland that incorporates all the colors of the rainbow.
A collection of coffee filters colored with washable markers and saturated with water makes for a quick and simple way to brighten up a wall. When the coffee filters take shape, they take only moments to string onto a length of yarn. This banner is lightweight and easy to move between walls as needed. Stringing the coffee filters according to the colors of the rainbow is an effective plan when you’re looking to brighten up a party space or hoping to spruce up any room just in time for summer.
- Paper towels
- 11 bleached coffee filters
- Washable markers
- Spray bottle
- Hair dryer
- Hot glue gun
- 11 colorful felt craft balls
- Kitchen twine
- Yarn needle
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1. Place a paper towel on the work surface.
2. Smooth out and center a bleached coffee filter on the paper towel.
3. Color the entire coffee filter using a washable marker. The color should reach all the way to the edges of the filter.
4. Saturate the coffee filter with water using a spray bottle.
5. Dry the coffee filter using a hair dryer.
6. Fold the coffee filter in half three times to create a small cone.
7. Apply a thin line of hot glue along the the bottom fold line and edges, and press the coffee filter together.
8. Put a thin a line of hot glue along the remaining fold line and edges, and press down the top flap of the coffee filter to secure the cone.
9. Apply a spot of hot glue to the pointed end of the coffee filter, and press a small, colorful felt craft ball to the end.
10. Unravel a length of yarn, and thread the end through a needle.
11. Thread the needle and yarn through the center of the felt craft ball.
12. Loop and knot the end of the yarn to create an attachment point for the final garland.
13. Repeat steps 1 through 9 with 10 additional coffee filters. Mix and match marker colors for an eye-catching final banner. The tutorial shows one red, three yellow, four green, one blue and one purple to create a rainbow. Alternating felt craft ball colors on top of each filter also adds dimension.
14. Thread the finished coffee filters onto the yarn through their respective felt craft balls so they hang alongside the first that was attached. Space them evenly along the length of yarn.
15. Loop and knot the other end of the yarn once all the coffee filters are attached to create a second attachment point for the garland.