Decorate for your next party with this gorgeous paper plate garland

Spring and summer are two splendid seasons for sprucing up your home and planning your next get-together. From graduations to summer vacation, anniversaries or birthday parties, no party is complete without festive decorations. If you're not planning a celebration but focusing on spring cleaning instead, this project is also a sweet idea to add to your to-do list to brighten up your space and give it a spring feel.
Creating garland out of paper plates is a simple and affordable way to decorate. You can even create multiple strands for all sorts of occasions with limited supplies. Your options are endless, and your decorations will be beautiful.
- Paper plates
- Scissors
- Masking tape
- Self-adhesive drawer or shelf liner
- Pencil
- Twine
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
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1. Cut the paper plates in half.
2. Spread out the drawer liner facedown on a flat working surface, securing the corners with a small piece of masking tape.
3. Place one half of the paper plate down on the drawer liner, and trace it with a pencil.
4. Cut out the traced portion of the drawer liner, and adhere it to the backside of one half of the paper plate. This works best if you remove only half the backing of the liner at a time, so you can control where it sticks.
5. Repeat the first four steps for the rest of the paper plate halves.
6. Tie a loop onto the end of the twine.
7. With the hot glue gun, glue the twine to the flat edge of each backside of the paper plates.
8. Cut and tie another loop at the other end once every paper plate half has been attached to the twine.
9. Your lovely garland is now ready to hang.
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