Put aside paper plates, and look at this DIY for the wall

Painting is a wonderful way to explore your inner artist, relax, and de-stress. This paper plate art canvas lets you do just that. Your entire family can complete it in an afternoon while having fun exploring creative possibilities.
You don't need expensive art supplies to create this striking wall decor. In fact, you probably already have most of the supplies at home. If you don't have a paper punch, simply make a template instead. Don't limit yourself to crafting just one of these unique art canvases — make as many as your heart desires.
- Cardboard or newspaper
- Paper plates
- Acrylic paint in several colors
- Artist's brush
- Paper punch
- Canvas
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
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1. Covering your work surface with old newspaper or cardboard.
2. Flatten the paper plates as best as you can, and flip them over.
3. Paint the backside of one plate, and let it dry.
4. Paint the backsides of all the other plates in different colors. The tutorial shows six colors. Let them dry completely.
5. Punch out about 10 circles per plate per color. If you don't have a punch, trace around a pattern, and cut out each circle.
6. Hot glue one of the paper circles onto the canvas. The tutorial shows circles of the same color overlapping in columns. Feel free to glue the circles in whatever pattern you'd like, or even create a more random piece.
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