Organize your home for next to nothing with this paper plate organizer

Organizing your home on a budget? Transform two paper plates into a whimsical wall organizer. It’s the perfect size to hold an oft-used agenda and pen above an accent table. You could also hang it near the front door for a convenient place to stash inbound or outbound mail.
It doesn’t take much to upgrade humble paper plates into an adorable accessory. Use acrylic paint in colors that complement the rest of the room for a pleasing and natural decorative touch. Flower trim adds a playful detail and a bit of texture. A twine hanger gives the organizer a final touch of shabby chic charm.
- Big paper plate, 2
- Scissors
- Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in “Sage”
- Paint brush
- DecoArt Crafter’s Acrylic Paint in “Buttercream”
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Hole punch
- Twine
- Flower trim
1. Cut the top third off of a paper plate. Discard the small piece.
2. Turn the plate upside down. Paint the bottom of the plate with “Sage.” Set aside, and allow it to dry.
3. Place the second paper plate right-side up on your work surface. Paint the top half of the plate with “Buttercream.” Allow it to dry.
4. Place the paper plate from step 2 on top of the second plate with the painted side up. Hot glue the bottom edges of the plates together. This will form a pocket.
5. Punch a hole through both paper plates near the top left corner of the sage-painted plate. Repeat with the top right corner of the plate. Thread twine through the front of the left hole, then double-knot it in the back. Trim the free end of the knot. Unroll about two feet of twine, then cut. Thread the free end of the twine through the front of the right hole, then double-knot it in the back and trim.
6. If the top corners of the sage plate are loose, hot glue them in place.
7. Hot glue flower trim along the top edge of the sage-painted plate. Cut off the excess trim.
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