Collect spindles and glue to copy this decor

A little light goes a long way toward brightening any space in your home. Using candles to illuminate a room can also come with the added benefit of a pleasing aroma, too. Although candles are readily available in stores, creating unique candleholders is a good way to customize interior design concepts. For those homeowners with a few extra spindles on hand, making a one-of-a-kind candleholder has never been simpler.
Spindles traditionally used for supporting porches and railings make for sturdy bases you can paint in a variety of hues. Combining the spindle with a flat platform at the top and bottom and a beveled edge adds elegance. Although these candleholders can stand alone, creating a collection gives you lots of placement options. A set of three at varying heights will look fantastic on an end table, coffee table or kitchen counter. Consider finishing them in gray to accent greenery.
-Large wooden spindle
-Unfinished 6-inch square of wood with beveled edges
-Unfinished wooden circle with beveled edge
-Wood glue
-Heavy book
-Piece of notebook paper
-Home Decor Chalk in Maui Sand
-Plastic gloves
-Flat-tip paintbrush
-Sanding sponge
-Home Decor clear wax
-Round paintbrush
DIY Everywhere
1. Center a large wooden spindle on a 6-by-6-inch unfinished wooden square with beveled edges.
2. Apply wood glue to the bottom of the spindle, and press it to the center of the wooden square.
3. Wipe away excess glue with a cloth.
4. Apply wood glue to the top of the spindle. Press an unfinished, beveled wooden circle to the glue, centering it over the square below.
5. Place a heavy book on top of the circle to help the candleholder dry.
6. Position the candleholder on a single sheet of notebook paper.
7. Wearing gloves if desired, paint the entire candleholder using a flat-tip paintbrush. We’ve used Home Decor Chalk in Maui Sand.
8. Sand the edges of the spindle and the top and bottom platforms of the candleholder with a sanding sponge for a rustic touch.
9. Wipe away sanding debris.
10. Cover the entire candleholder in clear wax using a soft, round brush.
11. Remove excess wax with the cloth, focusing on edges.
12. Repeat steps 1-11 to create two additional candleholders for the collection. Mix and match spindle shapes and sizes to add interest; for example, alternate round and square platforms on the tops and bottoms.