Fetch 2 small wooden spindles and a cloth & follow this DIY

Decorative angels are frequently incorporated into home decor during the holiday season, but with the right DIY approach, they can easily become part of everyday interior style. This project brings more minimalism into angelic accent pieces by utilizing small spindles as the base. It also gives crafters the freedom to pick and choose between just the right paint hues and spindle sizes.
Once two small spindles are firmly attached, adding gauze wings and a wire halo brings the final look to life. Using a neutral shade of paint over the spindles makes it simple to incorporate these decorative angels into any pre-existing room design or color palette. Consider setting a set of three angels on an end table next to a white flower vase. Placing them near a stack of colorful books on a coffee table would help them really pop.
-Small wooden spindles, 2 for each angel
-Wood glue
-Protective placemat
-Home Decor Chalk in Sheepskin
-Plastic gloves
-Small paintbrush
-22-gauge black coated wire
-Wire cutters
-Hot glue gun
-White gauze fabric or any preferred transparent material
-Fabric scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Select two small wooden spindles identical in size. One will need to have two flat ends while the other can have a decorative point.
2. Apply a spot of wood glue to the flat base of one of the small spindles and press the other firmly to attach. Wipe away excess glue around the center with a cloth.
3. Place a protective placemat on the work table and position the spindles on top.
4. Paint the entire spindle. We’ve used Home Decor Chalk in Sheepskin. Plastic gloves are advisable during this step.
5. Cut a length of 22-gauge black coated wire to approximately 10-inches with wire cutters.
6. Spiral the wire into 3 small loops leaving 1-inch on the end to attach the wire to the spindle. This will act as the angel’s halo.
7. Select a drill bit to match the size of the wire.
8. Drill a shallow hole into the top of the spindle’s decorative end.
9. Fill the hole with hot glue and press the halo into the hole so the loops stand above the spindle’s decorative point.
10. Cut a 10-inch length of 22-gauge black coated wire.
11. Work the wire into an oval and twist the ends around the loop to secure the shape.
12. Lay the wire oval flat on the work table.
13. Outline the oval in hot glue and press a swatch of gauze fabric to the glue to secure it to the top of the wire.
14. Trim away excess fabric from around the wire oval with fabric scissors.
15. Repeat steps 10 through 14 to create a second identical fabric-covered oval.
16. Position the two ovals at the back and center of the spindle to look like angel wings. Make sure the fabric side is facing the front and the exposed wire faces the back of the spindle.
17. Hot glue both wings in place.
18. Create as many spindle angels as desired to create an angelic collection of varying sizes and shapes.