Spruce up a garden patio with this spindle ladder

As spring turns into summer, the focus shifts from interior design to the garden patio, where greenery and florals inspire a sense of calmness and beauty. Unique accent items such as this decorative ladder add country charm to a patio setting.
Fortunately, you don't have to purchase a ladder. Instead, combine spare spindles with two square posts to create your own. When painted a shade of white or beige, this ladder stands out against traditional fencing and fits nicely alongside plants and flowers. Use your spindle ladder to brighten up an outdoor space, or make it even more functional as a place to hang table coverings, towels, gardening gloves and more.
-2 square posts, 36-by-3-by-3 inches
-Drop cloth
-Measuring tape
-Sanding sponge
-3 unfinished wooden spindles, 12 inches in length
-Wood glue
-Home Decor Chalk in "Sheepskin"
-Plastic gloves
-Large round paintbrush
-Large flat-tipped paintbrush
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1. Lay two 3-foot-long square posts flat on a drop cloth on the ground.
2. Mark points on each post at 9, 18 and 27 inches. 
3. Position the two posts side by side on the ground so the long edges touch and the ends are even.
4. Mark the center point on each post at the 9-, 18- and 27-inch marks by placing a ruler horizontally across the posts for accuracy.
5. Drill a hole through the posts at each of the six marks.
6. Sand the drill holes until the edges are smooth.
7. Fill one of the holes with wood glue, and press the end of a 12-inch spindle into the hole. Make sure the spindle is facing up toward the ceiling. Repeat this step with the two remaining spindles to attach them into the two remaining holes in the same post.
8. Flip the post with the spindles attached horizontally on the ground.
9. Fill the three holes in the second post with wood glue, and press each of the opposite spindle ends into the holes. This step will connect the two posts.
10. Flip the ladder onto one of the posts, and place a towel over the opposite side that's facing up toward the ceiling.
11. Gently hammer the towel at the spindle attachment points to help secure the spindles and aid in drying.
12. Wipe away any excess glue at the spindles with the towel.
13. Paint the entire ladder. We’ve used Home Decor Chalk in "Sheepskin." A large round paintbrush is best for the posts; a large, flat-tipped paintbrush works well for spindles with decorative edges. Gloves are recommended for this step.
14. Sand the edges of the ladder to smooth away rough areas and create a rustic look.
15. Wipe down the entire ladder with the towel. 

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