Keep old spindles & look at this DIY

For a tranquil outdoor area, nothing surpasses the song of a wind chime, and it's something you can make yourself. This wind chime combines spindles and drawer knobs, offering a whimsical take on a classic patio accessory. The materials are visually more interesting than metal chimes, and the wood and drawer pulls create a pleasantly hollow sound when knocked. Hang a single wind chime from a shady arbor to help a porch feel cozy, or display it alongside other chimes to turn any breeze into a full orchestra.
You can find most of the materials for this project at an architectural reuse center, which takes building supplies bound for the landfill and sells them to the public. Not only is this better for the environment, but it also can save a lot of money compared to buying new materials. If you don’t have a reuse center nearby, search garage sales and flea markets for vintage drawer pulls and decorative wooden elements.
- Tarp
- 7 small spindles
- Latex or rubber gloves
- Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in these colors: “Bavarian,” "Yellow Crochet," "Seaside Villa" and "Patina"
- Small paintbrush
- 6 matching drawer knobs
- Contrasting drawer knob
- Electric drill
- Drill bit, the same size as the drawer knob screws
- Small drill bit
- Clear monofilament cord
- Scissors
- Decorative wagon wheel
- Small C hook
DIY Everywhere
1. Put the tarp on the work surface, and place the spindles on top of the tarp.
2. Put on the gloves to protect your hands while painting the spindles.
3. Paint two spindles in “Seaside Villa," two spindles in “Patina,” two in “Yellow Crochet” and one spindle in “Bavarian.” Allow the spindles to dry.
4. Drill a 1/2-inch hole into the end of each spindle using the drill bit that’s the same size as the screw in the drawer knobs.
5. Screw a drawer knob onto the end of each spindle. In this project, six of the spindles have a matching yellow drawer knob, and the seventh spindle has a contrasting drawer knob in black.
6. Drill a hole through the top of each spindle using the small drill bit.
7. Cut a length of monofilament cord that’s a few feet long. Thread the end of the cord through the hole in one of the spindles, and tie the cord to itself.
8. Drill a hole through the rim of the wagon wheel where one of the spokes meets the rim.
9. Thread the other end of the cord from step 7 through the hole. Knot the cord several times, or until the spindle hangs from the wheel without the cord slipping through the hole. Trim any excess cord.
10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you’ve hung all the spindles with the matching drawer knobs around the rim of the wheel.
11. Hang the spindle with the contrasting drawer knob from the middle of the wheel. The wheel in this project already has a hole, but you may need to drill one. Thread the cord through it and tie it around the wheel's hub.
12. Drill a shallow hole in the top of the middle of the wheel hub.
13. Screw the C hook to serve as a way to hang the chime.