Collect a paper plate and a pencil & copy this home decor

This simple yet charming DIY combines two things all of us love: the warmth and comfort of yarn and the practicality of a decorative bowl. This tutorial incorporates yarn in cool colors for a clean, minimal look, but you can customize this by using colors that will complement your home decor.
What's lovely about this project is it doesn't take too long, and there's no mess. It's perfect for a rainy day at home with the kids or as a unique gift for friends or family. When the bowl is complete, it's the ideal place to store keys or accent with a silk flower arrangement.
-Paper plate
-Yarn in 3 or more colors
1. Draw a circle in the center of the paper plate. This will be the base of your bowl.
2. Draw nine evenly spaced lines starting at the circle you just drew and ending at the edge of the plate.
3. Using the marks you drew as a guide, cut from the outer edge of the plate to the circle. Cut out small pie shapes, so that when you bend the outside flaps up, a bowl is formed.
4. Take yarn in a color of your choice, and pull one end through one of the spaces between the flaps, then hold it underneath the bowl base. While still holding the loose end, begin weaving the yarn through the flaps, alternating going over and under each flap as you work your way up.
5. When you want to switch colors, simply tie a knot between the previous color and the color you want to switch over to, and trim the access with scissors. Continue the weaving technique with the new color.
6. Continue weaving until most of the bowl is covered in yarn. Once the bowl is complete, cut the yarn, and secure the loose end by tying it onto the previous row of yarn and trimming the excess.
7. Add a finishing touch by cutting slits into the sections of paper plate that are still showing at the edge of the bowl. This will form a subtle decorative fringe at the bowl's edge.

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