Put aside a shutter and try this hanging DIY

Need help keeping an entryway or mudroom clutter-free? This clever coatrack made from an old shutter doubles as wall decor. Corral coats and other outdoor accessories with ease, and use the shelf on top to display small succulents, books or framed photos.
Several sweet details are what help turn a humble shutter into a head-turning coatrack. This project uses clear drawer pulls for hanging coats on, but you could use other decorative pulls, hooks or even vintage doorknobs found at a flea market or antique store. White brackets and a shelf with a natural finish balance out the slate gray paint on the shutter. For the finishing touch, top with your cutest knickknacks.
- Shutter
- Electric screwdriver (or a manual screwdriver)
- 1-by-10-inch board
- Pencil
- Jigsaw
- Orbital sander
- Plastic or rubber gloves
- FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint in “Maui Sand”
- FolkArt Home Decor Wax in “Clear Wax”
- Paintbrush
- Rag
- Small drill bit
- Phillips head bit
- 2 decorative iron brackets
- 16 small screws
- Measuring tape
- 3 drawer pulls with screws
- Drill bit with same diameter as the screws
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove any hinges or screws from the shutter with the electric screwdriver and discard them.
2. Measure and mark the 1-by-10-inch board to be the same length as the shutter.
3. Cut the board, and use the orbital sander to sand the sides and edges.
4. Put on the gloves.
5. If the shutter has a tilt rod, paint the opposite side with “Maui Sand” and allow it to dry. This is the side of the shutter you’ll want visible when the coat rack is complete.
6. Paint both sides of the board with “Clear Wax,” and immediately buff off the excess wax with a rag. Allow the sides to dry.
7. Position the shelf so that it’s at a 90-degree angle resting on one edge of the shutter.
8. Place the brackets at each end of the shelf, and mark holes where the screws should go.
9. Drill guide holes into the marks, and screw the brackets to the shutter. Once that's done, screw the brackets to the underside of the shelf.
10. Measure and mark where you want the drawer pulls to go along the bottom edge of the shutter. The tutorial shows a drawer pull 2 inches in from each side of the shutter and one in the middle.
11. Drill holes into the marks.
12. Insert the screws through the back of the hole, and screw the drawer pulls on the front side of the shutter.