Snatch up a sanding block and a large bifold shutter & mimic this garden DIY

Give your patio garden a friendly focal point with this sign made from old shutters. A phrase like “gather” inspires friends to come together and celebrate, although you can choose any phrase you desire. “Family” is a good choice for those who love to spend time with loved ones, while “welcome” is perfect for the front porch. Whatever phrase you choose, it only takes three steps to turn a few materials into eye-catching decor for your garden.
For this project, find tall bifold shutters that may have once been used as a folding closet door. This will make the completed sign look like a room divider and gives you enough space to spell out your desired phrase in large letters. If you’re not sure where to find the shutters, try an architectural reuse center or your local online classifieds before buying them new. Not only does this save you money, but the weathered finish has a warmer look than new materials.
- Large wooden letters that spell out your desired phrase
- Sanding block
- Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in “Seaside Villa”
- Paint brush
- Large bifold shutters
- Electric screwdriver
- Gorilla Wood Glue
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1. Lightly sand the front and edges of the letters. Paint them, then allow the letters to dry.
2. Use an electric screwdriver to remove any excess hinges along the outer edges of the shutters. Note that you’ll still want hinges connecting the shutters where they fold together.
3. Arrange the painted letters, so that your phrase is spelled out going down one of the shutters. Glue the letters in place with wood glue. Allow the glue to dry.