Grab a flannel shirt and a pair of scissors, and mimic this home decor

An interesting accent pillow can give your couch substantial character, whether it stands alone or as part of a riot of different pillows. These accents are also easy to swap out when you want an instant, significant change to the look of your space.
This decidedly playful throw pillow is covered in a flannel shirt. Just retiring the flannel shirt from your closet and transforming it into a pillowcase shows how much fun a makeover on a run-of-the-mill clothing staple can be. After your pillow starts wearing its new case, you’ll have a hard time deciding where to place it — the family room sofa, your entryway bench, a wing chair, or among a riot of mismatched throw pillows on top of your bed?
-Flannel shirt
-Pillow form insert in standard square accent pillow size
-Straight pins
-Sewing machine
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay your flannel shirt on the work surface with the front facing upward.
2. Cut the arms off the shirt with the scissors.
3. Turn the shirt inside out, and lay it flat on the work surface again.
4. Take the pillow, and place it inside the shirt, up through the bottom. The pillow's upper corners will be peeking out through the shirt's armholes.
5. Pin the armholes closed.
6. Pin the top and bottom layers of the shirt together, right above the top of the pillow.
7. Pin the sides of the shirt together, up against the sides of the pillow.
8. Pin the open bottom ends of the shirt together, again flush with the bottom edge of the pillow.
9. Unbutton the shirt, and remove the pillow form. Set it aside.
10. Button closed one or two of the top and bottom buttons of the shirt.
11. Stitch all the pinned edges of the square together, removing the pins as you go.
12. Cut all the excess flannel fabric that extends beyond the stitched edges of the square.
13. Turn the shirt right-side out, and lay it flat again.
14. Place the pillow inside the shirt, and button it up.
15. Set your playful pillow anywhere you need more cute cushioning, then sink into it, and grab a book and a cup of tea for good measure.

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