Pick up a flannel shirt at the store & make a cute DIY that your pets will love

Who doesn’t adore dressing up their pup so they stand out from the canine crowd, and look adorable doing it? These three DIY dog collars are made from salvaged flannel shirts, and they couldn’t be cuter.
Each has a distinctly dapper feel. One is simple and understated, another is visually reminiscent of an ascot, and still another features a positively businesslike bow tie. Because they’re made from soft flannel, your dog will be comfortable and take to wearing these bespoke collars. Stroll proudly down the street with your four-legged escort, or let loose at the dog park for some playtime. Your canine charge will look fashion-forward no matter what!
- Flannel shirt (You can use one for all three projects or choose a different pattern for each.)
- Narrow dog collar (needed for bow tie and bandana projects)
- Seam ripper
- Straight pins
- Transparent plastic sewing ruler
- Fabric marker
- Sewing machine
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Collar style:
1. Place your flannel shirt on the work surface.
2. Carefully rip the seam that attaches the collar to the shirt with the seam ripper.
3. The top button and buttonhole will be on either end of the collar.
4. Pin the bottom edges together.
5. Sew the edges together, removing the pins as you go.
6. Button up the collar at the ends, and it’s ready to wear.
Bow tie style:
1. Lay the shirt on the work surface.
2. Cut one of the sleeves off the shirt at the halfway point on the arm with the scissors.
3. Cut off the cuff of the shirt.
4. Take the remaining part of the sleeve, and cut it lengthwise.
5. Lay the rectangular piece of fabric flat on the work surface.
6. Place the sewing ruler on top of the fabric, and use the fabric marker to make a 4 1/2-9-inch rectangle and a 2-by-2 1/2-inch rectangle.
7. Cut the rectangles out of the fabric with the scissors.
8. Fold the small rectangle in half widthwise, and pin the two halves together.
9. Fold the larger rectangle in half widthwise, and pin its side edges together.
10. On the bottom edge of this one, pin a bit on either end together, but leave a small opening in the middle so you can turn the piece inside out after sewing.
11. Sew the pinned edges of each rectangle together, removing the pins as you go, but take care not to stitch up the hole on the bottom of the larger rectangle. The smaller one will now be a tube.
12. Turn each piece inside out.
13. Pin the small rectangle into a loop and sew.
14. Sew the large rectangle’s opening closed.
15. Slide the loop onto the dog collar, and place it where it will be centered under your dog’s chin, then pull the rectangle through the loop to create a bow.
16. This handsome bow tie collar is now ready to be sported and is decidedly dressy.
Bandana style:
1. Unbutton the flannel shirt, open it, and place on the work surface.
2. Using the sewing ruler as a guide, mark a pennant-shaped piece that’s about 7 1/2-by-6 1/2 inches.
3. Cut it out with the scissors. Each 7 1/2-inch side section will consist of an angle coming from a center point. About 2/3 of the way up to the top horizontal edge, cut the fabric so approximately the last third of it on each side goes vertically straight up to meet the top edge.
4. Fold the side edges over twice, and pin them, but leave the top open.
5. Sew the pinned sections, removing pins as you go.
6. Place your dog collar on the top section of the fabric, and use it as a gauge. Fold the top edge over the collar so it’s snugly sandwiched between the flannel layers.
7. Pin the edge under the collar that’s sitting on top of the flannel to the flannel piece.
8. Slide the collar out of the loop you created.
9. Sew the pinned edge to the flannel remnant, removing the pins as you go.
10. Put the collar back through the sewn loop, and place it around your pooch’s neck. He’ll look so elegant!