Whip out 2 white shutters and a paintbrush & mimic this hanging DIY

Need a quick fix for that blank wall in your living room or bedroom? Upcycle old shutters into wall art with plenty of architectural appeal. This project is perfect for hanging above a bed without a big headboard, but it would also look lovely above a statement sofa in your living room.
Don’t worry if you can’t find old shutters in the exact size as the ones used in this project. Instead of four small shutters, you could also use two large ones and hang them horizontally. The key is to be mindful of how the size of your materials balances out with nearby decor, such as a mirror.
- White shutters, 2
- Unpainted wooden shutters, 2
- Electric screwdriver
- Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in “Yellow Crochet”
- Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in “Patina”
- Paint brush
- Paper towel
- Command Picture Hanging Strips, 8 pairs
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1. Remove the hinges from a white shutter using the electric screwdriver. Paint the shutter with “Yellow Crochet.” Allow it to dry.
2. Remove the hinges from the second white shutter using the electric screwdriver. Paint the shutter with “Patina,"and allow it to dry.
3. With the electric screwdriver, remove the hinges from the unpainted wooden shutters. Dust the shutters with a paper towel.
4. Turn one of the painted shutters upside down and horizontal. Adhere a pair of Command strips to each of the top corners. Repeat with the second painted shutter.
5. Turn each of the unpainted shutters upside down and vertical. Adhere a pair of Command strips to each of the top corners.
6. Remove the back from the Command strips, and hang the shutters on the wall. Arrange the painted shutters so that both are horizontal, with the yellow shutter on top and the blue shutter on the bottom. Arrange the unpainted shutters so that both are vertical, with one shutter on either side of the painted shutters.

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