Pull out an old flannel shirt and construct this darling DIY

This DIY flannel shirt skirt is nothing short of ingenious. The look has the same funky, homespun charm of a skirt made out of a pair of blue jeans, but its appeal is even more unique.
You can whip the skirt up in no time and need only a few easy-to-get supplies and rudimentary sewing skills. The elasticized waist allows for good fit, and you can decide on whether you want a cute above-the-knee look or a graceful, longer shape. Choose a lively tartan, a simple and graphic buffalo check, or a solid-colored flannel. This skirt can’t be beat when it comes to comfort, and you can accessorize it with a scarf belt, some statement-making boots or a pair of funky tights.
- Flannel shirt
- Scissors
- Transparent plastic sewing ruler
- Fabric marking pencil
- French curve ruler (optional)
- Straight pins
- Non-roll elastic for the waist section
- Safety pin
- Sewing machine
- Serger (optional)
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1. Lay the flannel shirt on your work surface.
2. Cut the sleeves off with the scissors.
3. Use the ruler and marking pencil to draw a straight line above the bottom tail of the shirt.
4. Cut the bottom piece off the shirt with the scissors.
5. Make a straight cut across the seam where the bottom of the shirt’s yoke attaches to the shirt.
6. Turn the shirt inside out, and lay it flat.
7. Using the French curve ruler as a guide or, cutting free hand, blend from the top of the shirt to one of its sides.
8. Fold the shirt in half lengthwise, from side to side, and use the cut side as a guide to blend the other side of the shirt.
9. Open the shirt back up, and lay it flat.
10. Pin the blended portion of each side of the shirt, and stop pinning when the sides become straight.
11. Sew the pinned sides, removing the pins as you go.
12. Serge or zigzag the sides, the top edge and the bottom edge.
13. Overlap the button placket at the top, but leave the placket open at the bottom.
14. Turn up, pin and sew the hem.
15. Fold over the top edge and sew. Make sure the opening created when you fold the edge is wide enough to accommodate the elastic that will go through the waistband.
16. Pierce one end of the piece of elastic with the safety pin, and close it. The safety pin will allow you to pull the elastic through the waistband.
17. Insert the elastic through the waistband, safety pin-end first.
18. Guide the elastic through the waist band, and when you’re done, remove the safety pin.
19. Connect the ends of the elastic with a straight pin, and sew together.
20. Remove the pin, tuck the elastic inside the waistband, and sew it shut.
21. Your stylish flannel shirt skirt is now ready to be worn.