Collect a cereal box & copy this concept

Imagine watching in horror as a guest or family member places a beverage glass onto your favorite piece of furniture, leaving the inevitable water stain that will be there for years. Now imagine that same person pausing to put a chic handmade coaster under the glass. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing your furniture is safe as they admire your clever handiwork.
We think all would agree the second scenario is preferred. That’s where this fun, creative DIY comes in. The unlikely combination of yarn and a cereal box come together to make a darling coaster. The only additional tools you will need are scissors, a pencil and a hot glue gun.
- Empty cereal box
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Cardboard circle or large glass
- Yarn
- Hot glue gun
- Gun sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Collapse the cereal box by opening the bottom.
2. Cut open the box along the crease in the side panel. Make another cut on the opposite side panel so you have a rectangular piece of cardboard.
3. Trace a circle onto the cardboard using a template or drawing around a large glass.
4. Cut out the traced circle.
5. Measure and cut yarn the length of the circumference of the circle.
6. Cut 4-inch pieces of yarn, fold it in half, and put the loop under the larger piece of yarn. Pull the ends of the 4-inch piece through the loop to secure it to the other piece of yard, forming fringe.
7. Continue looping 4-inch pieces of yarn on the larger piece until it's covered with fringe.
8. Secure the fringe to the outer rim of the cardboard circle with a line of hot glue, with the split ends facing outward.
9. Tie a knot one inch from the bottom of a new string of yarn, and place the knot so it blends with the knots that make up the outer fringe. Secure it with a drop of hot glue.
10. Starting just inside the outer rim of fringe, cover the rest of the cardboard in yarn, gluing the yarn in place as you go. Circle the piece of yarn around and around until you reach the center of the coaster and it covers the original cardboard.
11. Cut the excess yarn, and tuck and glue the loose end into place.
12. Trim around the outside of the fringe so it's uniform.
13. Slightly unravel the edge of the fringe so it looks fuzzy, and trim any bits pieces that stick out.