Cut the paper plate & construct this adorable idea

This room-brightening wall art DIY looks sophisticated but is actually fashioned from a couple of simple paper plates. Throw in some paint, patterned contact paper, and a spunky fringed edge — courtesy of your scissors — and you’ve got a zippy masterpiece on your hands.
A grouping of these pieces would look fabulous, or if you’ve got a gallery wall that needs just one more void filled, this is the perfect project. These art adornments are so easy to make, you can change them out easily depending on the season, your changing aesthetic preferences or your mood. Once displayed, prepare for your guests to inquire about where you got them. Keep them guessing!
- 2 paper plates, one dinner-sized and the other, salad-sized
- Scissors
- Sheet of scratch paper
- Jar of acrylic paint in color of choice
- Paintbrush
- Blow-dryer
- Roll of adhesive contact paper
- Roll of painter’s tape
- Pencil
- 2 attached Command strips
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut off a very thin portion of the larger paper plate’s outer edge with the scissors.
2. Place the sheet of protective scrap paper on your work surface to protect it from the paint.
3. Place the paper plate on top of it, right-side up.
4. Coat the outer ribbed portion of the paper plate with paint.
5. Blow-dry the paint until dry.
6. Now make cuts close together, about every 1/8 inch, around the entire outer painted section of the plate. Cut only up to the center circle of the plate.
7. Unroll a bit of contact paper, with its back surface facing up.
8. Tear off a couple of pieces of painter’s tape, and tape the corners down at the end of the contact paper.
9. Place a second, smaller paper plate on the bottom right portion of the backside of the taped-down contact paper. The plate should abut the vertical end of the paper and be very near the lower right corner.
10. Trace the outline of the plate with the pencil.
11. Cut a square surrounding the plate from the contact paper with your scissors. Its edges should be right up against the traced circle.
12. Now cut the traced circle from the contact paper square.
13. Unpeel the backing off the circle you just cut out, and affix it to the middle of the painted side of the other paper plate. The contact paper circle will be surrounded by the painted paper plate and its fringed edge.
14. Take the Command strips, and fold so one is on the top, and the other is below it. The peelable backing should be exposed and facing outward on both of them.
15. Remove the backing of one of the Command strips, and affix it to the center back portion of the painted paper plate.
16. Your paper plate wall art is now ready to be hung and displayed. Remember to unpeel the backing off the exposed Command strip on the back of the plate once you’ve chosen the place you’re going to hang it.