Snatch up a cereal box and a pair of scissors & follow this decor

Puzzles are one of the oldest toys known to man, and it's easy to see why they have stood the test of time. They make for a peaceful pastime for people of all ages, bringing the family together. Additionally, doing puzzles is helpful for one's brain, aiding memory and focus.
Reap all the benefits of puzzles by making one out of contact and a cereal box. If you don't have contact paper, you can substitute wrapping paper attached with glue. Using the same process, you also can turn a family photo or art print into a puzzle. This can be a fun project with kids or a charming gift for friends or family.
- Empty cereal box
- Contact paper with a pattern
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Pencil
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1. Collapse the cereal box by opening the bottom.
2. Cut open the box along the crease in the side panel. Make another cut on the opposite side panel so you have a rectangle. Cut off any access flaps or tears.
3. Place the cardboard rectangle on the contact paper, and cut a piece from the contact paper that is slightly larger than the rectangle.
4. Peel off the backing on the contact paper, and press it against the cardboard rectangle, wrapping the excess paper around the edges and pressing it against the back side. Trim the corners if necessary.
5. Make a grid of 1-inch squares using a ruler and pencil on the back side of the cardboard.
6. Once the grid is complete, draw small half circle shapes in different directions on the grid lines so each square has at least one half circle shape facing in and one facing out
7. Carefully cut out each shape to create the puzzle pieces.
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