Get a cereal box and a pair of scissors, and mimic this wall DIY

Whether you’re decorating for a kids' party or simply adding some fun, whimsical decorations to your home, bunting is an effective option. You can easily customize by choosing the color, size and style. Instead of heading to the store, get an old cereal box and some washi tape to create a cute and quick string of bunting.
Because cereal box cardboard is thin, it's the perfect material for bunting. The tutorial features triangle pieces and stripes of washi tape. If you're prefer something different, you could paint the pieces, cover them in glitter, or let the kids decorate with markers. Check your crafting supplies to see what you can create!
- Cereal box
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Craft Smart Acrylic Paint
- Artist's brush
- Latex or rubber glove
- Washi tape
- Twine
- Hot glue
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1. Open the bottom flaps of the cereal box to lay it flat. 
2. Use scissors to cut along the seam of the box lengthwise, and lay it open with the design facing down.
3. Cut along the box seams to remove the front panel and the flaps. 
4. Using a pencil and ruler, make a mark 4 inches from the top of the box on both sides. Draw a line across the width of the box connecting the two marks. 
5. Draw two diagonal lines that meet at the line across the box to create the outline of a triangle. Cut out the triangle from the box. 
6. Put on the glove, and paint the triangle with acrylic paint. (The tutorial uses white paint.) Let it dry completely.
7. Apply strips of washi tape to decorate the triangle. Cut the strips to fit the triangle, and add as many colors as you like to achieve the design you want. 
8. Repeat this process until you have enough triangles to create the bunting. 
9. Tie a small hanging loop at one end of the line of twine.
10. Apply a line of hot glue to the top back edge of a triangle, and press the twine into the glue, allowing it to dry completely.
11. Continue gluing triangles to the twine, points touching, until the line is nearly covered. 
12. Cut the twine, and tie another small hanging loop at the end.
13. Your festive bunting is now ready for any celebration.