Pick up a cereal box at the store & copy this precious DIY

Professional framing of a picture can be expensive because there’s a science as well as styling to choose and place matting for a picture frame. On the other hand, this kind of project is easy enough to do it yourself, and a little consideration can yield wonderful results. The mat technically holds the photo or art piece away from the glass in the frame, but aesthetically and artistically it is much more.
Choose a color that compliments or highlights the colors in the artwork. The mat can be doubled, layering a smaller one on top of a larger one, if a second color is desired. Choose the emphasis you want the mat to have. If the art is larger than a single cereal box, lay two boxes side-by-side and attach them with strong masking tape. A larger mat size, with colors carefully chosen, can glorify a smaller piece of art.
- Work surface
- Picture frame
- Large empty cereal box
- Attractive fabric
- Metal ruler
- Craft scissors
- Glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Open the seams on the cereal box and lay it flat.
2. Cut off the folded edges of the cereal box.
3. Measure the opening of the picture frame to determine the outside dimension of the mat, which should fill the frame.
4. Decide how wide you want the mat to be around the art, and mark those dimensions on the mat.
5. Cut along the outside edges of the cereal box using the marked lines.
6. Poke a hole in the middle of the rectangle to start cutting the inside dimension.
7. Place a piece of fabric on the work surface, pattern side down, and put the cut-out mat on top of it.
8. Cut a piece of fabric the height and width of the outside dimension of the mat plus an inch on each side.
9. Lay the mat squarely on top of the material.
10. Cut off each corner of the fabric at a 45-degree angle.
11. Place a line of hot glue along one side of the mat, and fold up the fabric, pressing it down to secure it.
12. Apply another line of glue about 1/2 inch above the other line of glue, and secure the fabric to it.
13. Repeats steps 11 and 12 for the remaining three sides.
14. Poke a hole in the center of the fabric and cut down to the corner, stopping before cutting the cardboard.
15. Cut a diagonal line from the center to each of the other three corners.
16. Cut off the top of each of the triangles of fabric, leaving about an inch of fabric on each side.
17. Apply a thin line of hot glue on the inside edge of one of the side, and press the fabric to it, just like the other side of the mat.
18. Add another line of glue about 1/2 inch from the inside edge and secure the fabric.
19. Repeat steps 17 and 18 for the remaining three sides.
20. Once the glue has set, put the mat in the frame and add the art work, securing it with the support cardboard that came with the frame.