Pick up a cereal box and copy these nifty ideas

Cereal in the morning remains a perennial breakfast fave, but what to do with all those empty boxes? Don’t toss them into the recycling bin without trying these fun DIYs first. Cereal boxes are colorful, sturdy and versatile, so they’re really the perfect crafting material.
These projects are easy to execute, require supplies you likely already have on hand, and pretty up your space in no time. A bit of paint, some strategic snipping and masterful manipulating transform the boxes magically into design elements that add color, personality and energy to your home. Whether you favor the old standard Cheerios or a sugary bowl of Lucky Charms, once empty, these vessels will serve you well as gift embellishments, gallery wall masterpieces and more.
Welcoming ways
It’s always fun to switch out your door décor, whether it’s because of the changing seasons, an upcoming holiday or a shift in mood. This DIY cereal box wreath would also look stylish inside, and making it is unquestionably budget-friendly. Simply lining a wooden hoop with strips of a cereal box you’ve cut and painted makes for a simple, yet elegant design statement. This is a project you can customize too, depending on the paint colors you choose. A solid color wreath is sophisticated, an orange and black one says “Happy Halloween,” and a rainbow of colors is appropriate all year round. Learn to make one here.
Take your gift 'to go'
Let’s face it. Time is a precious commodity, and for those who don’t relish the task of wrapping gifts, a gift bag is an ideal, just-as-pretty, and less time- consuming solution. A cute gift bag isn’t cheap, but fashioning one from a cereal box is! Contact paper allows you to cover your gift bag in everything from a chintz-like floral to a graphic pattern. Add a set of natural burlap ribbon handles, and you’ve got a gift bag that will certainly be reused by its recipient. See how easy it is to make one here.
Fine art for breakfast
Message-driven art is all the rage, and now you can buy canvases that have inspirational, motivational or just plain funny sayings on them. Not only do they instill your space with character, they look great alone or as part of a gallery wall. This wall art with meaning is simple, and yet stunning. A humble cereal box is again the main character, and you can vary it countless ways. You can choose paint hues that work with your room or that you’re just partial to. Or, go in a different direction: Lose the words, and make the piece collage-like, with a few photographic images. Watch the canvas-making process here.
Just add yarn instead of milk
A table runner is a gracious aesthetic touch in any dining room and makes your meal more special. Believe it or not, this table runner is actually created from cardboard cereal box panels that are joined together and embellished on the sides with a charming yarn fringe. You decide what color of paint will be the backdrop to the fabric you select to cover its center. Guests won’t believe you didn’t purchase this from a trendy home design store and may drop hints to get one of their own! Watch the cereal box runner tutorial here.
Bloom where you're (faux) planted
Countless varieties of diminutive succulents have become home décor staples due to their interesting tones and shapes, and the fact that they’re uber low maintenance. If you can’t even remember to water your cactus, these faux succulents in a sweet mini-flower box are just the ticket. The natural wooden bead “feet” and twine or ribbon detail finish the piece off in a simple, unfussy way. The best part? No one will ever suspect that the flower box component of this room brightener is made from, of all things, a cereal box! Learn how to make one, or a few, here.
Artful arrangement
There’s no question that these fetching faux flowers will draw attention if they’re grouped in a vase or on top of a table, but it’s the method of making these that’s also extra special. The blooms' origins are cereal boxes, and they are equipped with everything necessary to stand up to the tests of time and aesthetics. The energetic colors and graphics that naturally adorn the boxes are complemented by their simple stick stems and colorful cotton ball centers. This DIY is a fulfilling exercise in creativity and laced with whimsy. Watch how to make a bouquet here.
Wrap it up
A cereal box saves the day again when it comes to wrapping a present with flair. It takes no time at all to fashion a few of these ribbons that hold their shape, take chalk paint easily, and look all-around fabulous on any gift parcel. A twine accent adds a nice finishing touch, and the bow is as earth-friendly as it comes. Presentation is everything, and this DIY proves that. Learn to whip up a cereal box ribbon here.

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