Combine spindles and a shutter to make a beautiful bench that saves money too

There’s nothing better than finding the ideal accent item for the home that both looks amazing and provides extra storage space. Decorative benches have long been a go-to for enhancing an overall design. From garden patios to home entryways, a stylish bench can quickly change the aesthetic and add much-needed and versatile surface area.
The price point isn’t usually as appealing, though. If you're trying to keep money in your wallet, try this DIY project that combines spare spindles and an extra window shutter. When these items are combined with elegant brackets and covered in a soft hue, the individual parts disappear; what’s left is an innovative bench that looks top of the line. Pair the bench with a vase of flowers for a fresh look inside, or take it outdoors the next time a garden party is in full swing.
-1 window shutter
-1 unfinished wood plank
-4 long porch spindles
-Measuring tape
-4 decorative brackets
-2 table clamps
-2 sawhorses
-Power sander
-Drop cloth
-Wood glue
-Home Decor Chalk in Seaside Villa
-Plastic gloves
-Large round paintbrush
-32 screws
DIY Everywhere
1. Position a shutter on top of an unfinished wood plank, making sure the corners are aligned.
2. Trace the shutter onto the plank in pencil.
3. Place four long porch spindles side by side on the ground, ensuring that the ends are lined up.
4. Measure the length of the spindles. Begin at the bottom of the square post at one end of the spindle, and leave at least 3 inches of length at the bottom square post before marking. We’ve measured 18 inches here.
5. Position a single decorative bracket on the bottom square post of the spindle next to the measuring tape. Mark the end of the bracket. Then, mark the same bracket endpoint across all four spindles.
6. Attach the spindles to a sawhorse workbench with table clamps, and use a jigsaw to cut the spindles to length. Make cuts at the pencil marks indicating the bracket endpoint, cutting away the top square post of each spindle.
7. Remove the spindles and replace them in the table clamps with the wooden plank.
8. Cut the plank to the same dimensions as the shutter using the pencil markings as a stencil.
9. Sand down the entire plank that’s been cut to size.
10. Sand the edges of all four spindles.
11. Place the shutter flat on the ground on top of a drop cloth.
12. Outline the shutter with wood glue, and position the wood plank on top of the shutter.
13. Attach table clamps to each end to help them dry.
14. Remove the clamps, and position a spindle on each of the four corners of the wood plank. Make sure the smaller end of each spindle is facing up toward the ceiling.
15. Apply wood glue to the bottom of each spindle, and press the end firmly to the wood plank.
16. Flip the bench upright so it’s standing on all four spindles, and the shutter is facing up.
17. Paint the entire bench using a large round paintbrush. The underside of the bench can remain unfinished. We’ve used Home Decor Chalk in Seaside Villa. Plastic gloves are recommended for this step.
18. Flip the bench upside down so the spindles face up.
19. Position a decorative bracket in the front right corner where the spindle meets the wooden plank, and mark the eight attachment points in pencil.
20. Remove the brackets, and drill shallow holes into each of the pencil points.
21. Reposition the bracket in place, and attach it securely with eight screws.
22. Repeat steps 19 through 21 to attach three additional brackets to the bench. Attach one at the opposite front corner, and the other two brackets on the other side of each of the front spindles, secured horizontally along the short ends of the bench.