Lady salvaged some old shutter boards, transformed them into chic decor

If you shudder at the thought of tossing out old shutters, then take a look at this DIY project. A farmhouse chic coffee tray makes for beautiful decor and a lovely gesture of hospitality. Repurposing antique or vintage items such as shutters, windows, ladders and wood palettes has been trending, and it’s easy to see why. There is a special satisfaction that comes with bringing new life to salvaged items, especially from a beloved old house into a new one.
Keep this in your home or present it as a unique housewarming gift. Choose paint colors that will complement your space and bring you joy. This tray will make you smile every time you use it to serve coffee and treats to friends and family.
- Salvaged shutter
- 1-by-4 board 3/4-inch thick
- Pencil
- Jigsaw
- Electric sander and sanding pads
- Gorilla wood glue
- Needle-nose pliers
- Cork board
- Precision knife
- Cutting mat
- Superglue
- Chalk paint in two colors
- Plastic gloves
- Paintbrush
- Decorative rope
- Painters tape
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1. Place the board across the width of the shutter, and mark where it reaches the edge.
2. Leaving width allowance at each end, mark the length of shutter onto the board with a pencil. Repeat with the width and length of the shutter so the board has four marked sections.
3. Use a ruler to draw cut lines on the wood so that it will be the cut to the length and width of the shutter, with allowances for where the wood will be joined.
4. Cut the wood to length with the jigsaw, and sand until smooth.
5. Adhere the wood base to the shutter with Gorilla glue, applying glue to the bottom of each piece and the corners.
6. Remove the push rod from the shutter with a pair of needle-nose pliers.
7. Mark the cork so it matches the dimensions of the section of slats on the shutter.
8. Put the cork on the cutting mat and cut along the lines with a precision knife.
9. Glue the cork pieces on top of the slats with superglue. This will hold the slats in place.
10. Put on the protective gloves, and paint the tray with chalk paint. Painting the shutter slats alternating colors will add decorative flair.
11. Drill two holes on each end of the tray where you want to put the rope handles.
12. Gently sand the holes, and paint to cover the new wood.
13. Wrap a piece of painters tape around one end of the rope, and put it through one of the holes.
14. Tie a knot on the end of rope that's inside the tray, as well as one just on the outside of the tray to secure it. Trim excess rope on the inside.
14. Repeat for the other end of the tray.
DIY Everywhere