Punch holes into cereal box and put together this lovely concept

Setting the perfect table for your party or event can be a daunting project. After laying out your place settings and decor, one final detail can take an ordinary table setting to the next level: napkin rings. Not only do napkin rings tie in your theme or motif, but they also provide a way to neatly provide napkins for your guests. 
Instead of purchasing a brand new set of napkin rings for every single gathering you have, you can create and customize your own set with a cereal box and some creativity. Before you start, take note of the rest of your table decor and see how you can incorporate those details in your napkin rings. Your guests will love this little personal touch and you’ll enjoy this relaxing, afternoon craft.  
- Cereal box
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Single-hole puncher
- Twine
- Needle
- Lace trim
- Hot glue
DIY Everywhere
1. Start by undoing the bottom flaps of your cereal box and laying it flat. 
2. Use scissors to remove the Nutrition Facts side of the cereal box. Cut along the seams of the box for the easiest removal. 
3. On the bottom of the Nutrition Facts panel you just removed, cut off the bottom flap, once again cutting along the seam. 
4. Place the Nutrition Facts panel face down and on the blank side, mark 6 inches from the bottom edge. Cut along this mark. 
5. On the 6-inch piece you just cut, make a series of dots every 1/2 inch along the length of the piece. Repeat on each side.  
6. Use your hole punch to create holes at each dot you made on your cereal box piece. 
7. Next, thread your needle with a length of twine. Tie a knot at the end to keep your twine from being pulled completely through the holes. Thread your needle and twine through the holes along one side using a simple basting or straight stitch. At the end of the row of holes, pull your twine through and tie a knot to secure it. Trim any excess twine. 
8. Repeat step 7 on the other row of holes. 
9. Once you have the two rows of stitched twine completed, punch another hole on the shorter ends in the middle of the two rows of stitched twine. 
10. Measure and cut enough lace trim to fit between the two holes you just punched. Use hot glue to attach the lace trim to your cardboard piece, being careful to center it as well as you can. 
11. To use your napkin ring, roll your napkin, then wrap your napkin ring around it. Use your needle to thread another piece of twine through both the open holes. Pull the twine together to close the ring and tie a bow. Repeat this process for as many napkins as you plan on using.