Collect small spindles and a paintbrush & mimic this hanging DIY

If beach vibes define your interior design style, you need to make this stunning wreath made from spindles. Not only does it rock with seaside appeal, but it’s also an eye-catching way to decorate your front door or the wall above an accent table. To pull the look together, display the wreath next to a globe, some sea-themed books and nautical knickknacks.
Who says wreaths need to be full of flowers and greenery? Wooden spindles give this wreath a striking silhouette that’s sure to turn heads more than a traditional wreath ever could. “Nantucket Blue” chalk paint is the perfect hue for a seaside retreat, while an alternating pattern of blue and white is reminiscent of a sailor’s striped shirt. Decorative rope woven between the spindles adds another layer of texture and pays homage to a sailboat’s rigging.
- Small, short spindles, about 20
- FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint in “Nantucket Blue”
- Paintbrush
- Flat wreath ring, 12-inch diameter, painted with Nantucket Blue
- Small, long spindles, about 20
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Scissors
- Decorative rope
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1. Paint all of the small, short spindles with “Nantucket Blue” or the chalk paint of your choice. Allow them to dry.
2. Begin gluing the spindles to the painted wreath ring. Glue down a blue spindle, then a long, unpainted spindle. Make sure to position the spindles so that they create a sunburst shape around the outside of the ring. Continue this alternating pattern until you’ve covered the ring in spindles.
3. Weave decorative rope around the spindles. Start by gluing down the end of the rope between two spindles. Wrap the rope around the bottom of the blue spindle, then up and behind the next unpainted spindle. Continue weaving in this way until you’ve gone around the entire wreath. Cut and glue down the other end of the rope on top of the first end you glued down.
4. Hang your completed wreath. Enjoy!

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