Grab an old shutter and create this 100% unique decorative wreath

Whether old or new, a shutter makes a rustic backdrop for a wreath. This DIY project proves that artfully combining the graphic visual elements of a slender circle and a shutter’s abundant straight lines ends very well indeed.
Blend down-home charm with the simple beauty of a wreath fashioned just from wire, and you’ve got gorgeous door décor. But don’t limit yourself. This piece works equally well for adorning a mantel, hanging on a wall or tucking into a bookshelf, and it just happens to be one of the most ingenious examples of upcycling you’ll see.
- Thin metal ring
- 2 long feathers, real or synthetic
- Small wire cutters
- Colored decorative wire
- Several pairs of decorative faux flowers with attached stems and leaves
- Strip of leather, about 10 inches long
- Bottle of Gorilla super glue gel
- Old or distressed window shutter or piece of a shutter
- Decorative metal thumbtack
- Rubber mallet
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the metal ring on the work surface.
2. Clip off most of the feather’s shaft with the wire cutters.
3. Cut three pieces of decorative wire, each about 2 inches long.
4. Attach the feather shaft to the ring by wrapping a piece of wire around the shaft and the ring several times.
5. Use the second piece of wire to attach the middle of the feather to the ring.
6. Attach the top end of the feather to the ring with the third piece of wire.
7. Cut two more 2-inch pieces of wire.
8. Use one piece of wire to attach the stem of the first pair of faux flowers to the ring at the bottom of the feather.
9. Attach the fluffy top section of the second feather to the ring with the remaining piece of wire, right where the flower stem is attached.
10. Attach the other flowers to the ring and position them directly below the first pair. If necessary, clip any excess length from the flower stem with the wire cutters.
11. Trim most of the shaft from the other feather. The shaft ends of the feathers should opposite of each other and will be on the top and bottom of the ring, whereas the flowers will be attached to the lower left portion of the ring.
12. Attach additional flowers with wire pieces if you like.
13. Trim any excess wire with the wire cutters.
14. Place the leather strip below the wreath with the underside of the leather facing upward.
15. About 2 inches of one of the strip’s ends should extend beyond the top of the ring.
16. Apply a line of super glue on the 2-inch end of the leather strip that’s under the ring and extending beyond it.
17. Bring the longer end of the strip up and over, and affix its back side to the end with the glue, creating a loop around the ring and a single long end to hang the wreath on the shutter.
18. Place the shutter on the work surface, and put the wreath on top of the shutter.
19. The end of the leather strip should be situated on the shutter's top front center section.
20. Pierce the end of the leather strip with the thumbtack.
21. Nail the thumbtack into the shutter with the rubber mallet.