Buy a flannel shirt at the store & reproduce this effortless idea

Flannel shirts aren't just for lumberjacks anymore, and wrapping up in one means instant warmth and comfort. If you’ve got a flannel shirt you’re ready to let go of, why not use it to make this ingenious laptop case?
You don’t have to be a sewing whiz to excel at creating this make-your-life-easier project. Skip the pricey premade laptop cases from the office supply store, and craft your own. With just some fleece, a zipper and a bit of measuring, cutting and stitching, you can transform an old shirt into a stylish case for those many moments when you’re on the go.
- Flannel shirt
- Fleece
- Long zipper (longer than the longest edge of the laptop)
- Scissors
- Laptop
- Tape measure
- Clear plastic sewing ruler
- Fabric pencil
- Straight pins
- Small cutting tool
- Sewing machine
- Thread
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1. Place the flannel shirt flat on the work surface.
2. Cut off the sleeves with scissors.
3. Place the laptop on top of the front of the shirt and over the pockets. Measure the width and length of the laptop with the tape measure.
4. Put the ruler lengthwise about an inch above the pocket tops of the shirt, and draw a dotted line that follows the upper long edge of the ruler with the fabric marker. It should be the length of the laptop plus 1 1/2 inches for seam allowance and ease.
5. Place the ruler so its long side is perpendicular to the dotted line you just drew.
6. With the ruler as a guide, draw another dotted line down from the right bottom edge of the first line you drew. It should match the width measurement of the laptop plus 1 1/2 inches for the seam allowance.
7. Repeat steps 4 to 6, but draw a long, dotted line opposite the top one and another vertical dotted line connecting the bottom to the top lines.
8. When you’re done, you will have a rectangle drawn on the shirt that matches the measurements of the laptop plus 1 1/2 inches.
9. Cut out the rectangle with scissors to create a top and bottom layer of shirt fabric.
10. Cut two pieces of the fleece to the same specifications as the flannel pieces.
11. Use pins to attach the zipper to the top of the flannel piece with pockets.
12. At the end of the zipper tape on each side, make four small cuts about ½ inches apart with the small cutting tool, but be careful not to cut too far down on the zipper tape. The cuts should be where the zipper tape curves when pinned to the upper corner of the flannel and down the sides.
13. Sew the zipper to the flannel, removing the pins as you go.
14. Pin and sew a piece of the fleece to the other side of the zipper tape.
15. Trim the squared fleece and flannel corners with the scissors so they're curved, as the zipper is.
16. Turn over the piece so the flannel side faces up and the zipper is exposed.
17. Lay the other piece of flannel on top and the other piece of fleece on top of that.
18. Sew the tops of the flannel pieces and their curved corners together.
19. Pin and sew the sides and bottom edges of the flannel together.
20. Sew the fleece lining pieces together, leaving a hole in the lining that’s about 4 to 6 inches long, and keep the zipper open.
21. Bring the piece through the hole so the fleece lining shows.
22. Unzip the zipper, and turn it rightside out so the flannel shows on the outside of the case.
23. Pull the flannel lining up, and pin the hole shut.
24. Sew the hole shut, removing pins as you go.
25. Tuck the lining back into the laptop case.