Buy a short spindel at the store & copy this lovely idea

Want to elevate the appearance of your fresh or faux flowers? Create a centerpiece vase that’s as unique and eye-catching as your blooms. A spindle and an old tin transform into an accessory that’s both shabby chic and timeless, so it always looks at home even as your interior decorating style evolves.
This project is a splendid opportunity for you to work with materials you already have or can find used. Upcycle a reclaimed spindle and scrap piece of wood into the base of the vase. An empty loose-leaf tea container serves as the top of the vase. A coat of chalk paint helps brings the materials together, while some light sanding gives the vase a slightly weathered look.
- Short spindle
- Square wooden plaque
- Measuring tape
- Pencil
- Gorilla Wood Glue
- Craft stick
- Sanding block
- Paper towel
- FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint in “White Adirondack”
- Paintbrush
- Tin container
- Gorilla Super Glue Gel
- Faux or cut flowers
DIY Everywhere
1. Center the spindle on top of the wooden plaque. Use a measuring tape to check that the spindle is centered. With a pencil, outline the spindle base onto the plaque.
2. Remove the spindle. Apply some wood glue inside the circle. Spread the glue with a craft stick. Place the spindle on top of the glue. Allow the glue to dry.
3. Sand the base of the vase with a sanding block. Dust it off with a paper towel. Paint the base with “White Adirondack” or the chalk paint of your choice. Allow the paint to dry.
4. Remove the lid from the tin container, and set aside. Paint the container with “White Adirondack” or the chalk paint of your choice. Allow the paint to dry.
5. Lightly sand the container to give it a weathered finish. Repeat with the base. Dust it off with a paper towel.
6. Apply super glue to the top of the spindle. Center the bottom of the container on the spindle, and allow the glue to dry.
7. Fill your completed vase with faux or cut flowers, then display and enjoy!

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