Cut off one of the sleeves and create this lovely concept

A headband can up your accessory game instantly, and when your headband is fashioned from a flannel shirt, it’s elevated even more! Here we show you how to craft three different DIY flannel shirt headband designs. Choose three different patterns and color families, and you’ll have a wonderfully varied collection.
Your own head size is key to customizing these, so measure twice to cut once, like carpenters do. Adding a short, elasticized piece in each headband is also key for comfort. You can do a couple of different things with them too. Wear one on top of and down the back of your head, which references a classic 1920s elegance, or pull your hair back with it. Either way you wear it, your headband will strike just the right balance between casual and something special.
-3 flannel shirts
-Cutting mat
-Clear plastic ruler
-Rotary cutter
-Safety pin
-Roll of elastic
-Sewing machine
Pick out a few old flannel shirts from your collection, and make a headband three ways.
First design and method:
1. Lay the shirt on your work surface, with its front facing upward.
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2. Cut one of the sleeves off with the scissors, and spread it out flat.
3. Cut off the cuff of the shirt.
4. Open up the sleeve by cutting it up the bottom seam.
5. Gather your cutting mat, roller cutter and clear plastic sewing ruler.
6. Lay the fabric on the cutting mat, fold it in half lengthwise, and cut the end of sleeve next to where the cuff was with the rolling cutter, cutting evenly.
7. Your head size will determine the headband’s length.
8. To make this headband, you need to cut two pieces from the sleeves. One will be 8-10 inches-by-2 times the width of your elastic, plus a bit more for ease and your seam allowance. Use your roller cutter and ruler to do this.
9. Cut the other piece to 7 inches-by-your head size, minus 4-5 inches.
10. Fold both pieces in half lengthwise, and pin the edges together.
11. Sew each piece into a tube, removing the pins as you go.
12. Trim any excess thread and fabric off the tubes.
13. Turn each right-side out.
14. Cut a piece of elastic about 4-5 inches long, and put an open safety pin at one end of it.
15. Insert the elastic, safety pin end first, into the small tube. As you slide it through the tube, the safety pin will enable you to pull it to the edge of the other end.
16. Pull the safety pin from the end of the elastic and put it aside.
17. Pin the elastic to the open ends of the small tube and sew them together.
18. Fold the edges of one end of the tube inward, and insert one end of the elastic piece. Pin, and then sew into place. Make sure to sew through all the layers.
19. Repeat step 18, but insert the other end of the elasticized, smaller tube into the wide tube’s other end.
Second design and method:
1. Take your next flannel shirt and cut off the sleeves.
2. Cut off the cuffs of each sleeve.
3. Cut three pieces from each sleeve using the roller cutter and cutting mat. One is for the elastic that’s the same as the first design. The other two pieces are those that are equal to your head size minus 4-5 inches-by-2.
4. Pin first, and then sew the two same-sized pieces into tubes. Turn each inside out.
5. Pin and sew the smaller tube together, and turn inside out.
6. Insert the piece of elastic in the smaller tube using the safety pin, and sew it, as in design 1.
7. Loop the two long pieces at their midpoints, and then sandwich them around the elastic piece.
8. Sew them to each end of the elastic piece.
9. Reinforce by running over these spots again with the sewing machine.
Third design and method:
1. Cut a sleeve from your third shirt.
2. Cut it into two pieces. One will be for the elastic and the same size as in headband designs 1 and 2. The other piece will be equal to your head size plus 2 inches.
3. Pin first, and sew each piece into a tube. Turn each right-side out.
4. Sew the elastic into the smaller piece as you did in design 1.
5. Knot the long piece in the middle, turn its end edges inward as in design 1, and sew to close.
6. All of these headbands can complement many an outfit and add just the right touch of fun to your look.
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