Collect handkerchiefs and straight pins & copy this DIY

No kitchen window is complete without a valance. This decorative drapery softens the space above a sink or adds warmth to windows around the breakfast nook. It’s a shabby chic staple, but you don’t need to rush to the store to buy one. Instead, create your own out of a few floral handkerchiefs. If you don't have any, you can find them in thrift stores, antique shops or at yard sales. The tutorial uses five, but adjust the number to fit the size of your window.
This DIY valance made from handkerchiefs is not only easy on your wallet but also easy to make. Simply stitch the handkerchiefs together, and sew a length of blanket binding to the back. Within minutes you’ll have a heavenly valance ready to hang above a sink window, perfect for capturing the early morning light.
- Five handkerchiefs
- Straight pins
- Sewing machine
- Thread
- Scissors
- Satin blanket binding, 2 inches wide
- Tension rod
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1. Turn over two handkerchiefs. Place them next to each other so they overlap slightly. Pin and sew the overlapped handkerchiefs together.
2. Put another handkerchief next to one of the sewn handkerchiefs, overlapping it slightly. Pin and sew the handkerchiefs together.
3. Continue doing this until all of the handkerchiefs are attached.
4. Turn over the valance.
5. Pin the top edge of the blanket binding about 1/2 inch beneath the top edge of the valance. Pin the bottom edge of the blanket binding to the valance so there’s enough room between the binding and the handkerchiefs to insert a tension rod.
6. Sew the top and bottom of the binding to the handkerchiefs.
7. Slide the completed valance onto a tension rod, gathering the handkerchiefs slightly, and hang it near the top of a window.