Save those old neckties, and copy these nifty ideas

Our society has gotten trés casual over the last decade or so, and the need for men to wear a suit and tie to work every day has diminished. So, what to do with all those old, unworn neckties? Surprisingly, they can be used to make all kinds of useful tools and decorative objects.
Most of these DIYs are no-sew or require just a bit of simple stitching, so you don’t need the skills of a pro seamstress to pull them off. One of the most fun things about neckties is that they come in virtually limitless patterns and colors. Whether you fancy the tailored look of stripes and plaids, retro mid-century patterns, or psychedelic shapes and colors, there’s a DIY here that’s perfect for you.
Freeze frame
The transition back to using “real” cameras and old school photography means you need a camera strap if you want your photo taking to be on-the-go. Camera straps are usually a bit boring, though. This DIY has you cover the outer side of your camera strap with a cut-to-fit piece of your tie, and this one simple step adds a zesty dose of personality to a once-mundane item. Learn to make one here.
'Pouf' piece
This colorful and kaleidoscopic pouf is made special by using 12 neckties. With so many different shades and patterns, the pouf has a crazy-quilt feel, and after it’s stuffed, you detail it with a button in the center for a vintage vibe. This DIY will have guests asking where you got it, but it’s your decision whether to tell the truth or not! These are pricey in home stores, so save a bundle and customize it any way you like. Watch how to make one here.
Up, up and away
This easy-as-pie DIY uses an everyday necktie to create a high-style luggage tag, and who hasn’t had trouble distinguishing their suitcase from the thousands of pieces of dark luggage on wheels? Since ties come in countless colors and patterns, pick what will catch your eye, whether it’s a neon pink hue or a palm tree pattern that evokes lazy days at the beach. The adorable buckle detail is the perfect finishing touch. Learn how to make a set here.
Dapper dog
Grab a necktie, and transform it into the most darling dog collar ever. With just a few alterations, you can customize it to your dog’s neck circumference. Throw in some hardware to make it a real-deal collar so it can be adjusted, and you’ll have your pup working the runway in no time. A striped collar is all about business, while a more frivolous pattern screams, “Take me to the dog park!” See how to make one by viewing our tutorial here.
Total transformation
Compared to neckties, bow ties are unquestionably more professorial, distinctive and downright funky. But what if all you have on hand are neckties, and you need a bow tie, quick? No worries. Believe it or not, you can transform a necktie into a bow tie with little trouble or effort. Our instructional video shows you how to easily make the neck band, bow component and a band that binds the bow in the center. Put them all together, and you've constructed a bow tie you’d never know had been anything else! Get the tutorial here.
It's a cinch
An obi belt is an elegant Japanese sash that’s wide and quilted. This type of belt made its debut hundreds of years ago, but its influence is still seen in fashion today. A traditional obi belt is tied in front to gently define the waist, and can be paired with all sorts of blouses and dresses. Our DIY requires two ties, and the end result is stunning. You can go for subtlety with ties in similar or muted shades, or be bold and choose bright colors and zingy patterns. Learn to make an obi belt here.
Cuddly comfort
The throw pillow is a must when it comes to aesthetics and comfort in your living room. Ditch the humdrum store-bought choices, and fashion your own plush pillow with a cover crafted from a crosshatch of many neckties in a plethora of colors and patterns. The visual excitement that a pair of these will bring to your space is undeniable. Learn how to make them here.

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