Purchase a cereal box at the store & copy this cute DIY

Enhancing the look of any interior space or exterior wall can often be accomplished by adding a simple wreath. These appealing adornments aren’t exclusive to the holidays and can be used year-round to brighten up a room. Cater to the country-chic aesthetic with this DIY wreath that begins with none other than a cereal box.
It doesn’t take long to turn an empty cereal box into decorative strips that you can easily wrap around a wreath hoop. The box's large panels can be quickly cut out and painted in your preferred hue, making it simple to take the hoop from plain to stylish in minutes. Pair the covered hoop with a gingham bow to finish off the look. Consider hanging this colorful wreath on a garden patio wall to pop against a wooden background or moving it indoors as a spring decoration.
-Cereal box
-Protective place mat
-Home Decor Chalk in Glacier
-Plastic gloves
-Flat-tipped paintbrush
-Wooden craft hoop, 12 inches in diameter
-Hot glue gun
-Gingham bow
DIY Everywhere
1. Open both ends of an empty cereal box, and press it flat on a work table.
2. Cut along the seams of the box until only the large front and back cardboard panels remain.
3. Place one of the cardboard panels on a protective place mat with the colorful side facing up.
4. Paint the panel in a preferred hue using a flat-tipped paintbrush. We’ve used Home Decor Chalk in Glacier. Plastic gloves are recommended for this step.
5. Run a hair-dryer over the panel to help the paint dry faster.
6. Cut the panel into approximately 14 long, narrow cardboard strips when the paint is dry.
7. Position a 12-inch wooden craft hoop flat on the work table.
8. Apply a spot of hot glue to one side of the hoop, and press the end of one of the cardboard strips to the glue to secure it in place. Make sure the painted side of the strip is facing out.
9. Wrap the cardboard strip loosely up and around the hoop before gluing the opposite end in place.
10. Continue wrapping and gluing painted cardboard strips around the hoop until the entire circle is covered.
11. Apply hot glue to the back of a gingham bow, and press it to the top of the hoop. We’ve gone with a dark blue and white combination to offset the light blue wreath.
12. Hang the wreath with fishing wire.