Grab shutters and a pencil & mimic this home decor

Shutters are a gorgeous addition to any home, but did you know they don't have to be limited to just hanging next to windows? Shutters can become a gorgeous piece of art for some other projects. If you've been looking for a place to display flowers and plants, then look no further than your very own window. Or, more likely, the garage or storage shed where old shutters rest.
The end result is a stunning piece of furniture that friends will think you ordered from a favorite high-end furniture store. This project works well if you want to always keep a piece of your first home with you, and would make a useful gift for that someone special in your life. The best part is it's surprisingly quick and easy.
- Two shutters
- Wooden board about 12 inches wide
- Pencil
- Vice
- Jigsaw
- Round stencil
- Electric sander
- Screwdriver
- Plastic or latex gloves
- Wood finish
- Paintbrush
- Rag
- Wood glue
- Electric drill
- 12 screws
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1. Put the board on the workspace. The width should be about the same as the shutters. If it's slightly wider, that's OK.
2. Line up one of the shutters with the end of the board, and draw a line on the other side of the shutter.
3. Move the shutter until it lines up with that line, and draw a line on the other side. Repeat a third time so three sections are marked on the board.
4. Attach the board to the workspace with the vice, and cut along the first line with the jigsaw.
5. Trace around the edges with the circular stencil on each piece to create rounded shelves out of these three chunks of wood.
6. Attach one of the pieces to the workspace with the vice, and saw along the curved line. Repeat for the other two pieces of wood.
7. Sand each piece of wood.
8. Remove the inner hinge from one of the shutters and set aside the hinge and the fasteners.
9. Place the three wooden shelves on one of the shutters evenly spaced apart. Mark the spots with the pencil.
10. Put on the gloves. Paint the three shelves with wood finish and wipe evenly with the rag. Allow to dry.
11. Apply wood glue to the spots you marked, and secure the shelves to it.
12. Flip over the shutter and drill two screws per shelf into the back.
13. Apply wood glue to the second shutter where the shelves will attach, and press it onto the shelves.
14. Flip over the project and drill two screws per shelf into the back.
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