Cut up tissue paper and copy these gorgeous ideas

Sure, we all know how you can uses tissue paper to wrap gifts or maybe help decorate or pad something you’re sending in the mail, but it can do so much more. Strictly speaking, tissue paper is simply a very lightweight paper. In recent years, more and more patterns and designs have been added to tissue paper rather than sheets of just one color. That variety lends itself nicely to a huge array of different projects.
You don’t have to be a crafting expert to accomplish impressive results with these projects. Most are easy enough to do with kids, and your teen may even enjoy them. Since they're simple to create and can be customized to the crafter's preferences, you'll find them a fun way to relax while being useful too. Take a look at all the things you can do — and don’t throw out that tissue paper!
How to make a tissue paper wreath
Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. Did you know the Romans used to hang wreaths and garlands on their doors as a sign of victory? Whether your victory is a graduation, a new baby or just making it through the workweek, you can have a simple and elegant wreath with this easy-to-follow project. All you need is some craft wire, tissue paper in the color of your choosing, and perhaps a few decorative details. With some time spent cutting and folding, you'll see your beautiful wreath come together right before your eyes. Get the tutorial here.
How to make tissue paper canvas wall art
Everyone can reach the point of wanting to update their home decor. Who hasn’t looked around and wished for an easy, affordable way to add something new? Well, if that sounds familiar, this project is for you! It will not just rehab your living space. It’s also an ideal way to relax while crafting. The big task in this project is cutting squares of tissue paper and rolling them into little balls. All you have to do after that is grab the glue gun and create your own unique design. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a tissue paper monogram letter
Monogram letters have been fashionable for centuries — for good reason. They let you put your stamp on a place. Whether it’s your home, your dorm room or a cubicle, a cute monogram letter is a fun way to show your individuality. By using a tissue paper with a pattern you can really amp up the visual impact of your monogram letter in this project. Simply rolling strips of tissue paper around a wooden dowel and securing them with hot glue will give you a monogram letter that has color, depth and texture. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a tissue paper tray
A sure way to show that you're a put-together adult is by having an actual place to put things. Trays are a functional piece of home decor that can help you organize everything from the TV remotes to your keys. Rather than throwing things wherever when you get home, decorate your own beautiful, eye-catching tray. Using Mod Podge and tissue paper in your favorite pattern, you can quickly upgrade a plain wooden tray. Add some crafting rope to make it all your own. Get the tutorial here.
How to decorate lanterns with tissue paper
Few things are as delightful as a summer-evening barbecue, and for this special occasion you need the perfect lighting. Paper lanterns are a long-time favorite for outdoor functions, but rather than relying on plain, boring paper lanterns, you can customize yours with some tissue paper and Mod Podge. While this project is most easily done by using tissue paper with a clear pattern or subject matter, you could also create your own shapes on solid colors. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a tissue paper topiary
There are many reasons to keep plants around the house, from the physical health benefits to the mental health benefits to the purely aesthetic. One flaw with real plants is upkeep and maintenance. That will not be an issue with this tissue paper topiary. As with the canvas art piece featured as the second project here, the main technique for this project is cutting up squares of tissue paper and rolling them into balls. Once that part is done, it’s just assembly! This project is so easy and versatile, you may end up with one in every room of the house. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a tissue paper memo board
From time to time we all forget an appointment or a task — or maybe just the grocery list. Why continue to live in a state of forgetfulness when you could be using a memo board! Instead of a plain piece of corkboard, you can turn your memo board into an appealing piece of home decor using tissue paper and Mod Podge. If you want to go a step further, we also show how to add a wooden-dowel frame to the memo board and use decorative elements that make it unique to you and your home. Get the tutorial here.

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