Give an old necktie a second life as a bow tie

Looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe, or maybe your partner's? Try incorporating bow ties! While they're often passed over for the more conventional necktie, the bow tie was once the staple of a fashionable wardrobe. As menswear, it has evolved from strictly a formal accessory to a part of street style.
Whether you aspire to have a quirky, fun and eclectic wardrobe, or just need something to dress up for a reception, a bow tie is a unique and fashion-forward way to go. And instead of going on the hunt for one, you can turn an old necktie into your very own custom bow tie. This easy, hand-sewn creation will quickly become a favorite accessory.
- Necktie
- Fabric marking tool
- Fabric scissors
- Ruler
- Needle and thread
- Hook and bar
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut the necktie into pieces: 12 inches for the bow, 18 inches for the neck, and 5 ½ inches for the center of the bow. The section for the neck may need to be adjusted depending on the person. We used the fatter end to measure the 12-inch section, the skinny end to measure the 18-inch section and the middle above the 18-inch section for the 5 ½-inch section.
2. Remove some of the interfacing from the bow section (the 12-inch fatter piece). Fold it loosely into thirds, and sew the raw edge down. You need to remove only enough interfacing to let you fold the fabric under on the flat end. This may be easier done by hand since you don’t want to sew completely through. Instead, you're making a sort of circle.
3. Tuck any ends that are sticking out, and sew them down. Again, this may be easier to do by hand.
4. Pinch the center of the bow. Sew through the pinched area, and wrap the thread around it to keep in place. Remember that you’ll be covering this thread with your 5 ½-inch piece.
5. Remove some interfacing from the neck section (the 18-inch piece), and sew the edge shut. As with the bow piece, remove only enough interfacing to let you fold in the flat end of fabric. Pin the flat end closed with the raw edge folded in. Sew it shut. This can be done quickly using a ladder stitch by hand.
6. Place the bow in the middle, and tack it down. Basically, you use a couple of stitches to simply keep it in place. These will be covered with the last piece.
7. Wrap the last section around the center of the bow, tucking in any edges. Sew the piece closed in the back.
8. Sew a hook and bar on each side, so it can be closed.