Collect your old bobby pins & copy these cool ideas

In need of a little inspiration for your updo? Find all the bobby pins in your bathroom, grab a few common craft supplies, then set to work creating these simple and stunning hair accessories. Many of the projects featured here only call for four or five materials and come together in a matter of minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be out the door and turning heads with these adorable and effortless barrettes.
There’s a project here for every taste and outfit. Those who favor preppy styles will love the bobby pins fashioned with a denim bow or pearlescent pink beads. If fun and funky is more your speed, take a look at the spooky barrettes for Halloween. Prefer to let your hair flow freely? Take those bobby pins and transform them into an eclectic pair of earrings.
Pom-pom hair barrettes with bobby pins
Pom-poms are a classic craft supply that add a dash of whimsy to every accessory. This tutorial describes how to make pom-poms from the yarn of your choice so you can create a one-of-a-kind barrette. Once the pom-poms are complete, simply tie them to a bobby pin for a hair accessory that’s sure to inspire compliments. Get the tutorial here.
Rainbow hair accessories with bobby pins
Bring a splash of color and a ’90s vibe to a casual outfit with these effortlessly updated bobby pins. If you have a handful of pins and a few different nail polish colors, you can whip together this DIY accessory in no time at all. Want to take this look a step further? Paint your nails with the same polish and match from head to toe! Get the tutorial here.
Spooky hair barrettes with bobby pins
Get that festive fall feeling with these sweet and spooky hair barrettes. Glue a few googly eyes and plastic spiders onto some bobby pins, then prepare to scare with this funky hairstyle. Mini-pumpkins, ghosts or bat buttons would also be perfect accents for this project. Get the tutorial here.
Earrings with bobby pins
Barrettes and hair accessories not really your style? Repurpose a bevy of bobby pins into these eclectic earrings. Use nail polish and painter’s tape to create a colorful, geometric design, then slip the pins over a triangle jewelry charm from the craft store. The finished product adds southwestern style to a denim dress and eye-catching appeal to a simple updo. Get the tutorial here.
Chain hair barrettes with bobby pins
For hair accessories that are a touch more understated, look no further than this classic chain barrette. It only takes four materials to make, so this project is particularly easy on your budget. Once complete, slide a gold and silver barrette into your hair and add edgy elegance to any outfit without feeling too over-the-top. Get the tutorial here.
Bow bobby pin with denim scraps
There’s no need to rush to the craft store just because you want to create a complement for your outfit. Salvage an old pair of jeans and fashion this darling bow out of denim scraps. A denim bow brings classic cuteness and preppy style to a ponytail. Get the tutorial here.
Beaded barrettes with bobby pins
A sophisticated hairstyle has never been so effortless. This barrette made with pearlescent pink beads is the epitome of elegance and comes together with four materials in two steps. There are countless ways to customize it, like with multicolored glass beads or faux pearls. Get the tutorial here.

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