Cut up tissue paper and make this homey DIY

Who doesn’t love a serving tray? These versatile pieces likely came into existence as a variation on the 17th century English “salvar,” meaning a flat tray, usually made of silver, but many of us are likely using plain wood or reproduction serving trays. Those on a budget will find some at a dollar store made of metallic-looking plastic meant to look like silver.
Having a couple of everyday trays on hand means having a place for guests to set down a drink or adding some decorative organization to a living room. Creating a serving tray is easy with Mod Podge and tissue paper. Check out this quick-to-finish serving tray project that’s so simple, the kids can join in.
- Wooden tray
- Ruler
- Tissue paper
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Mod Podge Matte
- Artist's brush
- Hair dryer
- Twine or thin rope
- Hot glue
1. Measuring the length and width of the inside of the serving tray.
2. Unfold the tissue paper and transfer the measurements from Step 1 onto the paper using a ruler and pencil. Cut the tissue paper along those lines.
3. Apply an even layer of Mod Podge Matt in a thick line on the area of the serving tray you plan to cover with tissue paper.
4. Carefully press the tissue paper in place. Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.
5. Flip up the unattached tissue paper and apply another thick line of Mod Podge under the first. Applying it in lines prevents the problem of it drying before you place the tissue paper or misaligning the paper.
6. Continue applying Mod Podge and pressing the paper onto it until the entire piece is attached.
7. Paint an even, thin layer of Mod Podge Matte over the top of it.
8. To speed the drying and setting process, aim a hair dryer on a low setting at the paper attached to the tray.
9. Use hot glue to attach a thin length of rope or twine to the inner edge of the serving tray.
10. If the serving tray has handles, use hot glue to wrap the rope or twine around them to tie it all together.
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