Purchase tissue paper at the store and reproduce this simple idea

As temperatures warm up, naturally parties move outside. Who doesn't love a fun gathering with loved ones on a gorgeous summer night? An easy way to add some light and decoration to your outdoor party is by hanging paper lanterns. But why stick with just plain lanterns? With some tissue paper and Mod Podge, you can customize your paper lanterns to fit any theme or motif.
Paper lanterns have a permanent place in lighting history with their long-time use in Asian cultures. They are supposed to act as symbols of joy, celebration, good fortune and protection from evil. What better way to add that extra touch to your next function than with these beautiful and useful lighting features? If you use tissue paper with a pattern that has clear shapes, it’ll be easier to do this creative project.
- Tissue paper, preferably with a pattern
- Scissors
- Paper lantern
- Mod Podge Matte
- Artist's paintbrush
- Twine
- Hot glue
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1. Using the pattern on the tissue paper as a guide, cut out a section. Cut out all the shapes from your tissue paper that you want to use, the more the better.
2. Assemble the paper lantern. Make sure it has the structure inside so you have an easier time applying tissue paper details.
3. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge Matte with a paintbrush to the area of the lantern where you want to place a tissue paper detail. Press the paper onto the Mod Podge, and cover it with another thin layer of Mod Podge.
4. Repeat step 3 all over the lantern. Space out the pieces or keep them closer together.
5. Cut another strip of tissue paper.
6. Fold it in half, and make vertical cuts evenly across the bottom without cutting all the way through to create a tassel.
7. Cut a piece of twine and fold it in half.
8. Place a small dot of hot glue at one end of the strip of fringe.
9. Press the looped end of the twine into the glue, and roll the fringe around it. When you get to the other end of the strip of fringe, attach it to the tassel with a thin strip of hot glue.
10. Tie the tassel to the exposed wire structure at the bottom opening of the lantern.
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