Snatch up 18 neck ties & copy this idea

Over the course of a lifetime, or even a decade, anyone who wears ties on a regular basis or just on the odd special occasion tends to accumulate more than their fair share rather quickly. As trends and tastes change, you may find that you have more ties than you know what to do with taking up space in your home.
Luckily, a little creativity can turn those outdated neckties into throw pillow with an adorable woven motif; in no time at all, that collection of old ties will go from hiding in a dark closet to being prominently displayed on your living room sofa.
- Roughly 10 neckties
- Ruler
- Fabric marking pencil
- Scissors
- Pins
- Throw pillow
- Tape measure
- Spare fabric
- Sewing machine
- Needle
- Thread
DIY Everywhere
1. One at a time, lay the wide end of each tie flat; measure the wide end, and cut off the majority so what's left of each tie is a relatively thin, long strip of fabric.
2. Place half of the neckties flat next to each other with no space between them. One by one, take the rest of the ties and weave them through the first half in an over-under pattern.
3. Once the ties are woven together, place pins securely around the edges and periodically throughout the pattern. Trim the excess edges of the ties so what's left is the woven square.
4. Place ties aside. Measure the height of the throw pillow, then measure, mark, and cut two corresponding squares of fabric from the spare swatch.
5. Pin one of the new squares of fabric to the back of the woven ties, then sew together with a sewing machine.
6. Trim the excess edges of ties that hang beyond the fabric square, then pin the other square of fabric to the open side of the woven ties, leaving one side partially open. Sew in place of the pins with the sewing machine.
7. Trim edges once again so the two fabric squares and the ties sit flush, then turn the project right-side-out through the open end. At this point, your new pillow is nearly completed, it simply needs stuffed.
8. Insert the throw pillow through the open end, then pin that edge. Using needle and thread, close the opening by sewing it by hand. Once that is finished, you will have a one-of-a-kind new throw pillow to grace your living room furniture.