Grab 24 neck ties & copy this project

Ties serve as an effective way to pull together an outfit, so it stands to reason that they can help pull together a room, too. If you have found yourself with far too many ties in your closet and nowhere to wear them — and you are continuously perplexed by the rising cost of decorative poufs — then this project provides a solution.
Turn those extra neckties into something useful and affordably enhance your living room in one fell swoop with this DIY pouf project. Dressing up a couch or chair is just as important as dressing up an outfit.
- 12 to 15 neckties
- Fabric-marking pencil
- Ruler
- Seam ripper
- Scissors
- Iron and ironing board
- Pins
- Sewing machine
- Polyester stuffing
- Needle
- Thread
- Buttons
DIY Everywhere
1. One at a time, lay the skinny end of ties flat.
2. Measure 12 inches from the wider end and mark with the fabric pencil. Cut on the mark.
3. Turn over the trimmed piece of fabric and use the seam ripper to disassemble it.
4. Smooth out any wrinkles with the heated iron. The fabric should be roughly a 6-by-12 pennant.
5. Measure and mark a straight line across the widest points of the pennant, and measure and mark straight diagonal lines from the far corners of the widest points to the center of the far, flat edge.
6. Cut along the lines to create a blunt cone.
7. Repeat steps 1- to 6 with the rest of the ties.
8. Collect half of the trimmed pieces of ties. Take two of the cones and pin them together on one side, with the patterned sides facing each other.
9. Use the sewing machine to attach them on that side.
10. Lay out the remaining cones in a circle around the two connected ones. Pin and sew them as they are laid out to you end up with something that looks like a pinwheel.
11. Turn over the pinwheel on the ironing board, and iron the seams so they lie as flat as possible.
12. Repeat steps 8 to 11 with the other half of the trimmed tie pieces.
13. Place the two halves on top of one another so the fronts face each other. Try to match seams and colors as much as possible, and pin them together around the perimeter, leaving a 4- to 6-inch opening.
14. Sew along the pinned line, removing pins as you go.
15. Turn the hollow pouf right-side-out and add polyester stuffing until it is full.
16. Pin the opening and sew it closed by hand.
17. Push the needle and thread through from one side of the pouf in the center to the other, and attach a button. Repeat with the other side.