Whip out a sheet of tissue paper and Mod Podge and a corkboard & copy this decor

You're sitting on the couch, relaxing from your day. Then you remember: You completely forgot an appointment! Almost everyone has had the experience of realizing a forgotten email or phone call or appointment. Sure, smart phones have a reminder app or a calendar you can update, but maybe seeing reminders physically works better.
Memo boards are an effective way to leave yourself reminders of things while adding some fun energy or color to your home. With corkboard and tissue paper, you can make a custom memo board in an afternoon. This project is so easy you may want to get your tweens and teens in on it. It's never too early to learn an organization system for their tasks and appointments.
- Corkboard
- Ruler
- Tissue paper
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Mod Podge Matte
- Artist's paintbrush
- Hairdryer
- 4 wooden dowels cut to fit the corkboard
- Hot glue
- Lace trim or applique
DIY Everywhere
1. Measuring the corkboard.
2. Transfer those measurements to the tissue paper, marking them with a pencil. Cut the tissue paper along those lines.
3. Paint the first couple inches of the corkboard with Mod Podge Matte. Line up the tissue paper and press it into the Mod Podge.
4. Fold up the loose area of tissue paper and apply Mod Podge to the next couple inches of corkboard. By applying it a little at a time, the tissue paper will align properly and the Mod Podge won't dry out.
5. Continue applying Mod Podge and tissue paper to the corkboard one section at a time until the entire board is covered. Smooth out any lumps, bubbles or folds with your fingers.
6. Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the tissue paper.
7. To help speed the drying and setting process, blow it with a hair dryer on a low setting.
8. Apply a line of hot glue along the top edge of the corkboard and attach a wooden dowel. Repeat on the three remaining edges with the other dowels.
9. Cut out the design from lace trim or use an appliqué.
10. Apply a small dot of hot glue at the corner of the memo board on the wooden dowels, and press a lace piece onto it. Repeat until each of the corners is decorated.