Cut up a plastic yogurt cup, and construct this homespun deck adornment

Bedeck your back deck with an accessory bursting with shabby-chic style. This garland uses yogurt cups, yarn, burlap ribbon and twine to create a fabulous focal point that can be strung across a privacy fence or patio. The next time you find your recycling bin overflowing with plastic yogurt cups, grab a few and some hot glue, then sit down and whip up this one-of-a-kind creation.
Several elements of the= project work together to guarantee that this garland will last for years to come. The bottoms of the yogurt cups provide a sturdy center for the flowers, while the burlap ribbon offers rustic charm and a rugged material for the petals. For even more durable construction, use white and yellow macrame cord instead of yarn for the center of the flowers.
- Clean, empty yogurt containers, 7
- Scissors
- Yellow yarn
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Burlap ribbon
- Twine
- White yarn
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut off the bottom of a clean, empty yogurt container. Discard the sides of the container. Trim the bottom to make an even circle.
2. Hot glue the end of the yellow yarn to the center of the circle. Wrap the yarn around itself to form a spiral. Hot glue the yarn down as you go. Continue until you've covered the circle. Cut the yarn, and glue down the end.
3. Cut a piece of burlap ribbon that’s about 4 inches long. Hot glue the ends of the ribbon together to form a petal. Create six more petals.
4. Put a dot of hot glue on the bottom right corner of a petal, then place the bottom left corner of a second petal on top of the glue. Glue the third petal to the bottom right corner of the second petal. Continue gluing the petals together in this way until you’ve created a flower with seven petals.
5. Hot glue the circle from step 2 to the center of the burlap petals.
6. Thread the end of the twine through one of the petals.
7. Tie an overhand loop knot in the end of the twine. To do this, fold the end of the twine back on itself to create a loop. Fold the loop to create another loop, then pull the loop through the circle. Pull tight.
8. Follow steps 1-5 to create three more flowers using yellow yarn. Create three flowers using white yarn. Thread the remaining six flowers onto the twine in an alternating pattern.
9. Cut the other end of the twine, and tie an overhand loop knot in the end. Hang the completed garland.